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BT claiming charges that I do not owe! community help needed

Hello there,


I took out a broadband contract with BT mid last year. Just before Christmas I moved address which already had broadband so need to cancel my contract. BT informed me there would be a fee so I asked if there was anyway around this fee as it was a quite astonishing fee. The lady said that there was a way she could think off! Brilliant. If I transfer the acount into another flat mates name they can take over the contract and I wouldnt need to pay.


Just recently I have phone calls from debt collection agencys sayin I owe BT about 250, around 200 cancellation fees and 50 late payment fee for not paying the cancellation fee right away! I never got any bill through the post because I moved address and they dont have my current address.


No one ever called me to tell me this and I got them to listen to the old conversations that I had and they claim that the person I spoke to didnt say this and that a transfer of acount doesnt exsist within' BT's system. To get a copy of the phone calls they are charging £10 a call and back then it took me about 5 calls to transfer the acount, so I cant even have a listen myself!


Does anyone have any advice of what to do in this situation, or any idea of organisation that can help you with big corprate companies trying to money grab?


Any advice would be much appreciated, thank. Daniel Hayball

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Re: BT claiming charges that I do not owe! community help needed

There is no way to transfer an account unless you are moving home, and want to take your broadband with you.


As you entered into a contract, BT are entitled to hold you to it.



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