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BT closed my account without permission

I need help to get my account reinstated.  It was closed by BT without my permission.  I have called BT so many times but no one knows what is going on. I had no choice but to place a new order with them. But they cancelled that order a few days later without giving a reason why.  This has happened 3 times. They told me that they gave my number to a business. This was done without my permission. I have been transfered from one department to another but still no one knows what's going on. I have been without service since 29th October 2020. It's very important I get my number back because all our friends and family have this number. I am so frustrated and angry. There is no point in calling BT customer service when you have a problem.  Please help/ advise me.

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Re: BT closed my account without permission

@Rose1972 I'm really sorry your BT service has been closed and the reconnection orders have been cancelled, it sounds like a business has incorrectly taken over your line in error.  I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch and the moderation team will be happy to help.  

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Re: BT closed my account without permission

Thank you so much for replying Neil.  I have replied to the private message. Hopefully this will be sorted out as soon as possible. 

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Re: BT closed my account without permission

Hi Neil, is there any updates on my closed BT account. I haven't heard from BT. Is there an email address I can email with my situation.  Please I am desperate now. 

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Re: BT closed my account without permission

the mods will get back to you when your email reaches the top of the inbox  mods reply in order of receipt to ensure that everyone is treated equally as all think their problem is a priority

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