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BT cloud app on iPad pro

Why has my by cloud app suddenly stopped working on my iPad Pro? I can see the photos but if I click on one to open it the app just shuts down. I have tried deleting and reloading the app but the same problem still happens. Sometimes there is a message about files not downloading but I can see the content.

Any help appreciated.

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Re: BT cloud app on iPad pro

I’m having same infuriating problem and can’t see my photos. Pretty sure it’s a BT Cloud issue with the new IOS13 but only seems to affect IPad cause my IPhone works. I’m recall the same happened when IOS12 came out and eventually (a few weeks if I recall) there was a BT Cloud app update that sorted it. I nearly decided to move all my photos to ICloud but persevered as it’s a big task. BT really do need to prioritise updating their app when new IOS are issued.
And before anyone asks, yes I have switched off and on and redownloaded the app.
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Re: BT cloud app on iPad pro

Hi @Mcal100 

Go to thread entitled BT CLOUD HAS STOPPED WORKING where you will find loads of people with the same problem. Unfortunately the moderators do not recognise that there is a major issue with the BT Cloud App for Ipads which have the IOS 13 and above installed on their Ipads, BUT THERE IS A MAJOR PROBLEM!



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