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BT complaints / Ofcom / Legal action

I'm not a religious man but I think it's an absolute miracle BT are still in business. It's seriously the worst customer service anyone could ever expect to recieve. I’ve reached my limit. Not my data limit you understand (that would take several thousand years to achieve) but the limit of my patience. I think I’ve been pretty fair up to this point – I’ve tolerated their archaic excuse for broadband for almost three years. Now I’ve decided that enough is enough.


Since December 2010 I’ve had a maximum download ‘speed’ of 0.51Mbps. In other words one-twenty-ninth of the national average. Or if you prefer, Mr. Average enjoys a speed 2900% better than me. Yet we pay the same. There’s nothing to differentiate in their pricing between my ‘broadband’ and his broadband. Whilst Mr. Average enjoys iplayer, internet banking and online groceries I suffer the ongoing frustration of slow rendering images and endless buffering.


I’ve made numerous complaints. I’ve seen several Openreach engineers. In three years I’ve learn that whatever happens, the service will never improve. Where do I live you ask? The Outer Hebrides?  Lundy? South Georgia? No, Reading. A stones throw (literally) from an International business park. I’m sure they enjoy a lovely fibre-optic connection don’t they?


Having made my latest complaint I got the usual 'turn off your router for 48hrs' rubbish after I'd explained that there have been numerous Openreach engineers who have been here that said that we're so far from the exchange that the service will not improve. No one seems to care. All I get is a categorical refusal to refund anything even though they 'guarantee' a 1Mbit download speed (which begs the question what does 'guarantee' actually mean in BT's world). So I'm stuck here, with a company that couldn't give a toss about the issue, won't refund anything, won't do anything to speed up the line.


So my question is where do I stand legally? Are Ofcom likely to help? Has anyone had any experience of taking court action against BT?

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Re: BT complaints / Ofcom / Legal action

Welcome to this customer to customer help forum.

To enable forum members to help you, please could you look at Helping forum members to help you which asks you to do a few checks first, and has some helpful hints.
When you have done that, please post the results here, so members can offer advice. Thank you.


If forum members cannot help, then you will be referred to one of the moderators.


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Re: BT complaints / Ofcom / Legal action

Hi theysell,


The cost is to do with usage rather than speed. It also costs the end user the same price to have an ADSL broadband connection for those who are further away from the exchange to those who are close to the exchange.


Though techicanlly it will cost more to provide broadband to those who are further away from the exchange, however the end user will still pay the same price as everyone else.


I would follow what Keith_Beddoe has already said.


Some info I have included below can also be found on the link Keith_Beddoe has posted.


You will either be on the ADSLMax (upto 8mbps) service or if your exchange has been BTw 21cn upgraded you maybe on the ADSL2/2+ (upto 12/20mbps) service depending on your line quality and length.

However these upto speeds may not be the speeds you will get as ADSL broadband connections are very dependent on the distance from your property to the exchange and the quality of your line. The further away you are from your local exchange the slower your broadband speed will be.

To enable the community to help you please see the advice below:

Please see Keith's help guide here: Helping forum members to help you, it will go through some checks that are needed for us to help you.

A summary of the checks are:

1a) Is your router/Homehub connected by a BT NTE5 master socket, Adsl Filtered Master Socket or Extension Socket?   Please bear in mind that extension cables and extension sockets can reduce the broadband's performance. If you have an Old LJU master socket then please say.

1b) Have you tried the Test Socket? - if you have one.

2) Can you please run a BT speed test (including IP Profile) (not beta version)[Best done with a wired, Ethernet, connection] After Quick Test is done you need to click "Further Diagnostics" to get IP Profile.

3) is there any noise on your line. dial 17070 option2 ,called quite line test, from landline phone. should be silent but slight hum normal on cordless phone.

4) please post adsl line statistics 

ADSL Line Statistic Help:

 If you have a BT Home Hub like the one below...


 1) Go to or http://bthomehub.home

 2) click Settings

 3) Click Advanced Settings

 4) Click Broadband

 5) Click Connection or sometimes called ADSL (see picture Below)


The direct Address is http://bthomehub.home/index.cgi?active_page=9116 (for bthomehub3.A firmware ending in 1.3)

or http://bthomehub.home/index.cgi?active_page=9118 (for bthomehub3.A firmware ending in 94.1.11)


You will need to copy and past all the adsl line statistics ( Including HEC, CRC and FEC errors). You may need to click " More Details"


 If you have a HomeHub 4 then the majority of the ADSL Stats shown in the previous Hubs will not be there.


There are more useful links on Keith's website here: If you have an ADSL connection, please select this link



Don't have a BT Homehub/Voyager? for a netgear router and look for ADSL adsl statistics with information like noise margin and line attenuation, connection speed

• for a belkin router and look for ADSL adsl statistics with information like noise margin and line attenuation, Data Rate





jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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