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BT completely messed up my new connection!



I am hoping someone can help in this instance as I am now at the end of my tether with the indian call centre connection team - I have never seen such poor customer service.


Short story is I am moving from Virgin to BT and applied for a new account on 29 July (this was for a BT line + Infinity 1). I was given a call from a BT agent who arranged the appointment and I received a confirmation email for all services to go live on 16 August.


On 15 August, I called BT connections (in India it appears) and they assured me everything was in place for the next day and that I should stay home for an engineer visit the next day.


16 August - I wait till 4pm and without any sign of an engineer or my phone line being activated. I gave BT a call to query it and again spoke to the indian call centre who told me that everything was confirmed on her system and that I need to wait an extra 2 hours and the engineer would turn up.


Obviously, no engineer turns up and I ring again at 1830. At this point, the next chap tells me that on his system, he can see that my order has partially failed on the 29 July. This to me implies that so far I have been lied to and have just taken half a day off work for nothing. He then says he will query this with Openreach and puts me on hold. 2 minutes later, this guy has actually passed me directly to Openreach who were not pleased about being connected to the public and asked me to ring BT back and ask to speak to a manager as these sort of things have been happening way too often.


I ring back and ask to speak to a manager, girl (from India again) takes all my details, makes me spell out all my details and puts me on hold for 15 minutes. After which, the call is just disconnected.


I ring again, and this time I am told that a manager will ring me back in 5 minutes. 30 minutes go by and no ring back, so I call again only to now speak to a british chap, who helpful as he tried to be, tells me only the connections team in India can help and they were now closed and to try again tomorrow.


17 August, I ring BT again to be told that my service was being delayed due to a fault but they could not tell me more and to give it another 24 hours.


18 August - I chat with someone online this time, because I have been tired of being messed around. This chap from the connections team tells me it was a porting issue that held the activation and he can see this will be sorted out within 24 hours.


19 August - No activation, nothing works - so I chat again to India. 3 different people cannot help, with the last one, a manager no less, telling me your order has partially failed on 29 July (i.e. on day 1) and that the only solution is for me to put a new order through and wait another 14-20 days for activation. I tell him I already have all your equipment and I even have a dial tone on my line, but cannot make calls. In his view, there is nothing to be done, it has to be a new order. At this point, I told him to just cancel the order because I might as well look elsewhere. This he does very promptly.


19 August evening - I get home and check the phone and I can now make outgoing calls but cannot receive any incoming calls and the fibre does not work. I ring BT again to tell them to review this order because something seems to have progressed. They tell me the order is cancelled and therefore I have to place a new one. I tell them I have a working phone line - she would not believe me. And I said I am actually calling you from that line, and she says it's probably still your Virgin line. A Virgin line coming from a BT socket I asked? She then said Openreach must have connceted you, but she has to put an asset to this line, it will take time and that she can also see a complaint in the system for which they will call me back in a week.


At this point, I don't know what or who to believe. It appears to me that someone messed up the porting somewhere but no one will own up to it. I now have a phone line that is limbo with BT - is there anyone who has had anything similar?


Thanks - and sorry for the long winded post!!



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Re: BT completely messed up my new connection!

Hi @foxyjave,


Having gone through your post I'm really sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your order. I can totally understand your frustration. I would like to take a look at what went wrong with your order and to help put things right. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?





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Re: BT completely messed up my new connection!

Hello Foxyjave,


Whilst I cannot solve your problem I am just going to make a comment about BT and the appalling way it treats its customers. You applied to BT at the end of July and it is now 21st August. You have have given dreadful treatment by BT. The only help you can really get here is if a moderator takes on your case. The mods are BT employees (I believe) whereas all other contributors are customers. I have written on this site more than once about the wretched way that customers are dealt with. I am amazed that BT is able to retain customers. That said, are other communication companies any better at customer service ?

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Re: BT completely messed up my new connection!

Thanks PaddyB - I sent through the details last night. vhdsl_user - let's hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel soon!
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