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BT cordless phone battery rating and use as a charger?



Can I use any mAh rating of rechargeable batteries in my cordless phone?


Can I use my phone as a general battery charger?


I've got two old cordless phones in use, the main one is a Bt Esprit 1250 (takes AAA batteries) and the spare a BT Diverse 4000 (takes AA batteries). The Esprit originally came (I think) with 650 mAh batteries in it (replaced with 1000 mAh when they died), the Diverse with 700 mAh batteries.


Is there any reason not to use high mAh rated batteries? and if I do will I get the full benefit of the extra capacity?

I presume the chargers in these phones are designed so that they switch to trickle charge when the batteries are fully charged, so as not to damage them. Does anyone know whether this switch takes account of the actual capacity of the batteries (and not stop when they've reached 650 / 700 mAh)?

Is there any way to find out what the tech. spec. of the charger is, specifically the charge current?



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