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BT deleted my email account

I’m distraught and angry over this and don’t have any trust in customer services after being told different things from different people.

Basically about 15-16 years ago approx, I was set up with a BT email through Yahoo. Some years after it was set up, I switched over to Hotmail and this BT email become my secondary one. I only logged in sporadically since then but I still had things tied to this email and I relied on it for recovery purposes.

I never had a problem when this email was attached to Yahoo. I could log into it any time I needed it knowing it was safe. Then late last year around OCT-NOV time, I tried to access this account through Yahoo and it didn’t work. I messaged then and they told me my account would have been transferred to BT Mail.

I used my log in details on BT Mail and it worked absolutely fine. All of my emails were there with nothing to suggest it would suddenly be deleted one day down the road.

I cannot remember if I logged into it any further times after that but I tried yesterday and it said “We recently detected some unusual activity on your BT ID”. 

Further down, it mentioned my email address and said “Sorry, your BT ID has been suspended, you can reactivate it by clicking here and following the steps to reset your password”. 

I didn’t panic as I just assumed resetting my password would allow me back into my account. It does now allow me to log in using that email address but the email side of it doesn’t exist. I made contact and was firstly informed that my email had expired for not paying some £7.50 p/m premium fee. Then someone else told me I could get back all of my emails by paying this fee.

After all that, I was then told by someone else that my email account has simply ceased either due to inactivity or due to it being compromised and not responding to it.

This doesn’t make any sense to me. If my email ID has gone why actually allow me to log in and inform me that I need to change my password to reactivate? Also, to change the password, you have to enter the verification code sent to the mobile. They obviously had my mobile number to send the code and the text message even mentions my now apparently ceased email.

I’ve now lost years of history and this has not helped my depression and anxiety. If the emails are really gone, then BT should be have at least warned me about this. I had a phone number attached to my ID and they can’t even send out a text to remind you to log in to keep the email account activated. This whole thing absolutely stinks.

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Re: BT deleted my email account

Are you still a BT broadband customer?

have you tried using web mail and not an app to log in?

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Re: BT deleted my email account

I’m not a BT customer. I don’t remember too much about it. The email was just set up for me by my brother when I was young. For many years I simply logged into it through Yahoo but then my email was sent over to BT Mail, whenever that happened. Now we have this disaster.
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Re: BT deleted my email account

BT since the move to BT MAIL have been deleting emails if you are no longer a BT broadband customer or pay for premium mail

did you try using web mail instead of trying to access with app

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Re: BT deleted my email account

Also, just to confirm your other question, It was the web I was trying to log into.

I never used the app. I just tried though and it says “sorry this email does not exist anymore”. 

Is a deleted email account really unrecoverable? I don’t believe it.

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Re: BT deleted my email account

If you are not a BT Broadband customer or paying for the email account through a BT Premium email account it will have been deleted.

You could try contacting the BT Premium Email department and ask them if you took out a BT Premium email account could the reinstate your email account.

It will cost you £7.50 per month but if it can be reinstated it would be worth it. After a month or two you could then down grade to the free BT Basic email. This can not be used on an app or email client only by using a web browser.

See link about BT Premium Email

What is Premium email and how do I get it? | BT Help

and this link about BT Basic email.

BT Email products | Types of BT Emails | BT Help

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Re: BT deleted my email account

Do you or anyone know when BT and Yahoo actually cut ties? As I say, I had the email account approx 15-16 years so I don’t know why it has taken all this time for them to stop my access and without warning too. Like I also said, my mobile number was attached to the account. I understand as a non BT customer, i’m not important enough, but it would be nice if they at least gave warning to say “hey, we’re going to remove your access on this date”. 

If I speak to the BT premium email department and ask if I can pay the premium fee, won’t they just ask me to go with a fresh email? I just can’t get my hopes up that they will reinstate what was an existing email having last spoken to someone on the phone about this and he being categorical in saying my email had “ceased”. I don’t necessarily believe it, granted, i’m probably going through a heavy dose of denial, but all I know right now is I have no access and probably will never again.

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Re: BT deleted my email account

The BT email T&Cs have always included that any email accounts that were not attached to a current BT Broadband account were subject to deletion without warning. It was however not routinely carried out by BT.

When BT decided to migrate their email service away from Yahoo onto the new BTMail system they obviously decided not to migrate non BT customers email accounts. As a result they have been deleting such accounts in batches since about  2018.

As regards asking BT Premium email team if your email account can be reinstated or not. It may or may not be possible but one thing is for sure, if you don't ask it will definitely not be reinstated so it is your choice whether to ask or not.

If they can not reinstate the email account you do not need to take out a new BT email account.

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Re: BT deleted my email account

Sorry for the late update. I contacted the Premium Team and I was told that I couldn’t upgrade my email to premium because it had expired, just as I had expected to hear.

Despite this, I was instructed to try some troubleshooting by going to and attempting a password reset and I also did this on different browsers. Despite being able to successfully reset the password for this very ID, I still couldn’t get into my emails. Again, nothing surprising here.

Anyways, long story short, at some point during the conversation, the agent put me on hold to look into it further. When the agent returned, she informed me that my email is active and then she put it through as a fault to be investigated.

I don’t understand the sudden U-turn. I have no faith that what she ended up telling me will come to anything. Supposedly I will receive contact back but what’s anyone else think to this?

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