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BT doesn't like Tinkering

Hello all been with BT for a few years now after swapping from TalkTalk and i know this sounds odd to most people but i'm one of the odd people who likes to tinker be it swapping Modems and Routers round and using different open source firmware on my Router from DD-WRT, OpenWRT and Gargoyle plus others even sometimes swapping around a few times a day but you get the feeling BT doesn't like it as you will see your speed start dropping off, it's like a red light and the sirens go off at the exchange and DEFCON 1

So wondered why and what's the difference at the exchange with the setup between BT and TalkTalk as with TalkTalk my connection didn't care what i did all day with me turning things off sometimes 3 or 4 times a day without any drop in speed ?


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Re: BT doesn't like Tinkering

Shouldn't make any difference which provider you are with, DLM doesn't like tinkering, its there for a reason. Its to attempt to stabilise problematic lines by reducing speed. No idea why you feel the need to tinker quite so frequently, but each to his own I suppose.

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Re: BT doesn't like Tinkering

By "tinkering" as frequently as you have said you are doing you are the cause of your own problem with regards to the speed dropping.

As has already been stated, by doing what you have been doing with your repeated "tinkering" you are in effect causing your line to appear unstable and as such DLM will lower your speeds to try and maintain a stable connection.

See link about DLM albeit this is from Plusnet it applies to all ISPs that use the Openreach network.

FTTC DLM - What it is & How it works - Plusnet Community

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Re: BT doesn't like Tinkering

Cheers both for the info but some of us find it fun swapping about with custom firmware with new releases sometimes coming every few days from stable to master builds plus custom builds coming from individuals who like to tweak

Come join the fun as without the likes of DD-WRT and OpenWRT older Routers would be in the bin but they live on with the likes of WPA3, SQM and Adblocking plus other updates added which stock firmware will never see  

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Re: BT doesn't like Tinkering

Tweak away to your heart's content, but it will have consequences.

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Re: BT doesn't like Tinkering

Hello, I beta test for a couple of companies and often swap routers about. What the line hates is having the modem turned off and on multiple times but simply swapping routers about has no effect.

try to limit the modem on and offs, if a router fails to connect on setup dont reboot the modem but enter the required configs router side to get connection. 
Have a router setup that can offer DMZ so another router can be tested without removing the primary router. 
Use a modem like an old HG612 so it’s not combined with a router. 
Lastly don’t play with setting that create unstable connections within a modem, if unsure leave alone and do research.

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