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BT drop the ball with activation

Have transferred broadband connection over to BT Total on the 11/01/10 since then is been hassle and mess, after complete mess by BT call staff, and service centre.

No help what so ever!


On the stated date visited BT Shop in person and filled out standard order form and such. All fine I thought.

Since then I have indeed received my hardware and had my BT broadband connection confirmed by phone. Of course its not all smooth sailing with BT, oh no!

First ball dropped, connection of BT Total Broadband with details supplied - erm what details. No details, no activation letter, no activation e-mails, no account details, nothing has been supplied as it should.



I'm posting here with the foolish hopes that people can assist in reminding my frustrations.

My Bt account name I have had to make numerous calls to obtain. Unfortunately this still leaves me.

With no activation letter.

No account details in writing.

No paperwork supplied with hardware package (ie. Home hub).


I know the phoneline, and VOIP work. I've set them up and been using them  heavily. But the lack of inteligent communication and complete lack of paperwork is not acceptable.


Please everyone lets all share horro storeies and maybe get BT to rectify this

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Re: BT drop the ball with activation

When you consider BT as an entity, it's still a huge concern, with tens of thousands of subscribers.

Occasionally mistakes happen, they're human errors, and the humans are subjected to systems and customer service protocols, and a sequence of events, and finally databases updating information, a whole of raft of information partly which is automated, the rest not.


Do yourself a favour and send an email to a forum moderator, whom I'm sure will be more than willing to help you sort out your problem, but most of all, remember you're probably in a contract, and you'd be better served if you adopted a more "flexible attitude"?  You may need help sometime.


BT Forum Moderation Team <


good luck

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