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BT dual band extender 600 VoIP issue

Good evening, I have recently purchased a BT dual band extender 600 To work with my home hub three. My home hub three is connected to A billion bipac 7800 through home plugs. So the billion modem is the primary DHCP server and modem and the home hub three is placed in a central location with DHCP disabled. The primary Wi-Fi source is the home hub and the extender is extending the signal from the home hub three. The issue I am having from this morning is that when I am on a VoIP call on my iPhone, calls get disconnected when I walk around my house and my phone switches from one device to another. so when I receive Wi-Fi from the home hub three and then I switch to the extender my calls are disconnected. The same thing happens the other way round. I purchased the extender two days ago and it was working fine up until this morning.some help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you very much
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Re: BT dual band extender 600 VoIP issue

As you walk around your phone is switching to the stronger signal it detects as is normal. Do you have the same SSID on HH and extender (if so consider changing one of them.)?


If not can you configure your phone to only connect to your preferred router.

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