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Re: BT email - Apple

Stranger and stranger, just after I posted earlier, I found that I am now receiving e-mails on my Mac.

Previous poster did say it would sort itself out in a couple of days!

But I will have another look at my iPhone as you suggest, thanks.

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Re: BT email - Apple

Just been into my iPhone settings, under account says Yahoo.
Outgoing mail server
SMTP is Yahoo
That is also the Primary Server
Host Name Yahoo! SMTP
User name Optional
Password Optional
Use SSL On
Server Port 465
Authentication OAuth 2.0 Token

Can't find anything else under settings?
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Re: BT email - Apple

Outgoing mail server needs to be, port 465, SSL, authentication plain.

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Re: BT email - Apple

Seems the only way I can change anything is by deleting the Yahoo account which I am reluctant to do as I will lose any previous e-mails and contacts?
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Re: BT email - Apple

You do not need to delete the account if you are set up as an IMAP account and are changing the settings to an IMAP account.

Go to you phones settings > passwords & accounts > Click on the BT email account > Check it is an IMAP account then scroll down to incoming server and click on Host name  then change the server to

Ensure your email address and password are correct then click on Advance and check SSL is selected and that authentication is password and  click on the server port and change to 993 if not already populated.

Go back to the last page and then scroll down to the out going server. Click on it on the server page in Host name enter Ensure email address and password are correct. Scroll down and ensure Use SSL is selected authentication is shown as password. Click on server port and enter 465 if it is not already populated 

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Re: BT email - Apple

I haven't got a BT e-mail account on my phone, only Yahoo also there is no IMAP account for an incoming server, only outgoing SMTP
as I previously wrote.
Weird because I have both incoming and outgoing servers on my Mac, both correct. going to have to give up tonight, probably won't sleep anyway now. Will try again tomorrow, unless everything goes again!
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Re: BT email - Apple

This is a BT forum.

You said you had a BTYahoo email account in message 7.

There is nothing we can do to assist you with a Yahoo account. The settings given were only for BT email accounts and won't work with Yahoo. If you are having problems you should post on a Yahoo forum.

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Re: BT email - Apple

Thank you so much, your suggestion has sorted the problem I was having.
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Re: BT email - Apple

I have always been with BT, before that Tiscali, have never had any problems accessing mail, I was changed over to BTYahoo years ago.
My phone settings have never changed in years and so have never needed to look at my settings on them so no idea why I'm not able to access mail both on my iPad or iPhone. I think I need to ring BT advisors to help me out, since BT linked me to Yahoo originally.
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Re: BT email - Apple

Can you confirm if you have a BTYahoo email account or is it just a Yahoo email account because they are two different things.

If it is a BTYahoo account the settings etc I have posted will work.

If it is just a Yahoo email account they won't so it is vitally important that you establish which type of account you have.

If you are not sure you should log onto your email account via browser and if you look at the top of the page and see any mention of BT it means you have a BT email account.

You do not see BT mentioned anywhere and only see Yahoo, you have a Yahoo email account.

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