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BT engineer didn't show up

I had an appointment for the engineer to sort out my broadband connection between 1pm and 6pm today. I was told to choose the time and date that I would be here, which I did and stayed in all day as only get one bus an hour. Had text messages reminding me of the appointment. Engineer didn't show so text to BT asking for explanation. I then had a call from BT's call centre in India. The line was atrocious with crackling and lots of static plus my broadband connection went down, as it usually does if BT ring me. It was one of the most annoying and frustrating calls I have had from BT. Basically, the engineer has half done the job and will ring me in 48 hours to arrange an appointment. I asked why nobody had let me know that he wouldn't be coming onto my property today and the call centre employee said that was the engineer's mistake and he was at fault for not ringing me.

I moved into my property in December and BT didn't install a line for me to get the Internet/phone for several months. I was then told that there was little space in the box so they would try and take some space from somewhere else (sorry I don't know the technicalities).  Every time I log on in the morning, Facebook sends me a message saying I have logged on from a different browser and apparently I am logging on all over the Country including Kent (I am in Hampshire) and numerous other places I haven't heard of. Now whether this is half the problem who knows but BT obviously don't think my time is important. 

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Re: BT engineer didn't show up

sorry but you need to get on to customer services to get another engineer visit


from your desciption it appears more that you have a bad/crackling phone conenction which is causing the poor broadband and maybe you should ring 151 and report a phone fault.  get the line fixed and broadband will improve

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