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BT generally

Hi, just managed to find this forum after struggling with BT for many years.


I've had a lagging problem every since I've had this service but that's a story for another day.


This regular problem got to the point that I had to contact those people in India on December 21st.


I'm an IT professional so never ring without undertaking my own troubleshooting.


They sent a new HH3 out, my fourth hub since I started with them.


It turns out that some of the infrastructure has been flooded and I must have been the first to report a problem.


Countless peolple in the area have been sent out new hubs unneccesarily.


My point is that we've received no information from BT on progress, now over 2 weeks, even though there is a fault logged against my account. I've found a site showing ongoing problems but ours isn't on there even though there must be hundreds of people affected.


The only way I might get an update it to ring India, on each occassion they went through the same crib sheet and didn't acknowledge there was a problem in my area.


The only information I have managed to find out is from a neighbour who is on talktalk who have been providing regular updates from BT.  


What a total waste of everybodies time, I have spent 5-6 hours troubleshooting this problem unnecessarily and overall since joining BT probably over 30 hours.


It seems that I'm paying for a DIY solution and BT are providing nothing.


Sorry to send out such a negative first post but this has been going on for years.


Any thoughts ?








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Re: BT generally

Hi kb91058,

Has your issue been resolved yet?
BT Mod team.
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Re: BT generally

I'm not sure how it could ?

No-one in India has a clue and the threat of an engineer bill of £129 would put most people off.

Hours and hours of my own troubleshooting and slow googling will be the only resolution I fear.

Sky here we come.
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Re: BT generally

You will only be billed for an engineer visit if the problem is with your equipment. As an IT person you should be aware of that and will have checked beforehand and ruled it out.

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Re: BT generally

I've just heard that the local problem has been affecting around 400 homes for over 2 weeks.

Half with no phones available but great broadband and the other half with phones but rubbish broadband.

I've leave my posts to another day hopefully when things get back to normal.

Some form of communication from BT wouldn't go amiss.
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