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BT has closed my complaint but shouldn't have.

I'm currently in the middle of a complaint involving OFCOMM. On the 13th November I received an email that started off with 

We've closed your complaint

"Hello Mr UNION,
Thanks for getting in touch with us recently. We're pleased we could help.

We've now closed your complaint, reference" [info withheld - P&C]
"If you need to talk more about your complaint, or you're not happy with how we dealt with it, please call us on 0800 800 150"
I made it absolutely clear that I didn't want it closed because of one thing - BT wanted to charge me for leaving, per this snip: 
BT bill for leaving earlyBT bill for leaving early
Your Customer Services advisor said that this wasn't a bill - OK, I won't split hairs, it was a demand for a sum of money to be paid by a certain date. (Twice, the date was the day before the date of the Bill/Demand.) Which makes it a bill!
Why I didn't want the complaints closed was that the "Expect" figure was from Fantasy land - not based on what I'd been paying the previous 2 years. So I asked her to tell me how BT had arrived at their figure. She closed the complaint.
I'd like it/them reopened but I don't want her to phone me. I want someone to send me a letter so that I have a footprint.
How can I get the complaint reopened please - or shoud I make a new one?
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