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BT have charged me extra money because of their own mistakes

Has anyone else had this problem??!!


So I went on my online banking and i saw I was being charged twice a month - £16 at the beginning and £27 at the end of the month - I phoned BT and expressed my concerns - a lovely lady in the billing department dealt with my call and explained that I had 2 accounts - one for a BT customer and one for BT sport.


I explained that at the start of the year I was prompted by BT to become a full customer as I was with sky and was only a BT Sport customer.  I agreed and the salesman said he would cancel the BT Sports bill as this would become free as a full customer.  After a couple minutes, the lady found the 2nd account and said she would merge them for me and I would have to call back for a refund and to set up a new direct debit.


I checked my account and it says I owe BT £107 so naturally i phoned up and explained the situation and the man, it wasn't his fault and I was patient with him, couldn't find any note of another account or anything and that there was no proof I'd ever had a second account or that I'd even paid for my BT Inifinity even though I've been with BT for years .... so therefore next month I'm paying for a 2nd BT infinity activation fee so that's £65 (2 payments) gone and I was also told because I can't find the other account number that I can't be refunded for the extra money (£16 a month).  I even have an email in february stating I paid the activation fee but because the billing department do not have an email address, I cannot forward the email on to show proof.


I've been with BT since 2013 and feel I've been a loyal customer and now I feel seriously screwed over - It's not the money that's important - it's the principal of it, what an utter slap in the face.


Sorry for the wall of text, I just feel phoning BT doesn't work.  The only thing I accept fault for is that I never checked my online banking sooner

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Re: BT have charged me extra money because of their own mistakes

Hi Spraff88,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting, if you need any help with this please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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