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BT have connected me to somebody else's number. I think.

Here’s a story for you all.


I have been without broadband for three weeks. Major EE f—k up. Finally, yesterday morning, 8am, a BT engineer arrives to install a new phone line and wire me up to infinity. Great. Except, upon arrival, he’s back out the door again upon discovering that my line hasn’t been made active yet. Weirdly, after tapping-in some number or other to my cordless handset, the number that he said BT would be connecting was not even the one I’d been assigned a few weeks earlier by them. Irritating. Furthermore, why hadn’t the BT sales team arranged for the line to go live prior to the infinity man’s visit? However, he said he’d try calling the line throughout the morning and then pop back later to install infinity. I had no idea how he'd manage this - after all, which number would he be calling, exactly?


At 11am, I contacted India who told me the line would be live by 1pm. By 3pm, the line was still dead. Back to India. The line will go live by 5pm, I’m told now. I telephoned the engineer at 4.30pm and he agreed to pop back to my flat and try install the infinity stuff anyway. Yes. So, I return home, and, a short while later, my home phone starts ringing. It was the enginner, ‘calling from the cab’ and informing me my line was now active. Great. Except it wasn’t. You see:


a)      You couldn’t ring out on the number

b)      It was on an entirely different number – not the one BT had assigned and even not the one he had told me it would be earlier on. My God.


He managed to install broadband anyway and off he went into the night.


So, this morning, it’s back to the fine people at BT who listen, put you on hold for two minutes and then – without any warning – route you through somewhere else, where you find yourself having to tell the whole story again. In fact, even getting to India is hard because each time you put your BT number into the phone (I was using the one they’d connected - seemed sensible), a robotic voice would think for a while and then say: “you’re not a BT customer, f—k off” and hang up on me.


Yes, the BT customer service is just unbelievably rubbish. Anyway, unable to get anything resolved, I left things at midday, pretty-much having given-up. But then, around 2pm, my fiancé phones me saying that someone keeps phoning us at home, on this weird new non-BT number that you can’t call from, asking for some bloke called ‘Gary Statton’ (or something) and each time they call, the broadband goes COMPLETELY DEAD.




Oh my God. So, back to BT. This time I try the sales team. They listen. I’m put on hold. After a few minutes, a ringing tone and hey – back to India. I re-tell the story. They listen. And then I’m put through to someone else, presumably in a different part of India, and it all starts again.


To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what to do. On my last call, about 30 minutes ago, the man listened, went off, came back and said – I swear this is true – "you need to call our new order number" and when I asked for what it was – you guessed it – he gave me the number I’d been calling them on in the first place.

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Re: BT have connected me to somebody else's number. I think.

Hi Calgontablet,


Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum.  This sounds like a real nightmare, I am so sorry this has happened.  I can help sort this out.


Please drop me an email via the 'Contact Us' link in my profile. (click on my name and you will find the link under the "about me" section). Include your BT account details and the link to this thread.




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