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BT have lowered my speed - why?

I had BT Infinity installed in June, the up to 76mb package. Afterwards, when ever I took a test I would always get between 74-75mb download speeds.

However yesterday and today some BT engineers have been opening up the green box on my road and spending all day doing stuff to it. My internet kept cutting out while they were working on it but they've gone now, obviously they've finished what ever they were doing.

However my download speed now is always 30mb. Does anyone know why they would lower my speed, especially considering I'm paying for the higher speed? Why should I continue paying for the higher rate now they've unexplainedly lowered my speed without telling me?

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Re: BT have lowered my speed - why?

It may be that because they were working at the cabinet, DLM (Dynamic Line Management) has kicked in and lowered your speeds. This is an automated process that lowers speeds to try and maintain a stable connection when it detects problems on the line. If the problems have gone, DLM should slowly raise the speed again. This is an automated process and can but not necessarily will take up to three weeks to complete.

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Re: BT have lowered my speed - why?

What gg30340 said, but what ever you do, do NOT reset the white Open Reach Modem (If you have one) leave it all alone and let it do the rest, but if its not back after two weeks demand an IP Profile reset, as the fault you now have is not of your making. (It can take a lot longer than 2 weeks for DLM to settle BTW)

What's slow about FTTC........DLM 😞