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BT help tools do not work

I have four computers, one running on windows 8.1, two on windows 7 and one on XP.

BT desktop help will not run on anything other than XP. It does not support the 8.1 operating system, and stops if you try to run it.

On the windows 7 platforms, it cannot find my flash installation and insists on re-installing it every time it is used.

After that, it states that the IE version must be version 6 or above and stops.

I am running IE version 11 and its bang up to date.

BT's software used to be reasonably good, but like their service and engineering its gone to pot lately.

Rubbish service at inflated prices! Perhaps it should re-locate its staff from India and use some UK software people.

As an ex employee with 11 years service, it makes me sad to see a once well respected company in such a poor state.



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Re: BT help tools do not work


Desktop help browser and upgrade message


Its not needed to connect to the Internet.

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Re: BT help tools do not work

You should uninstall BTDesktop Help and don't re-install it. It is a piece of software junk that can cause more problems than it solves. You do not need it on your computer to connect to the Internet or for anything else on your computer. Have a search through the forum to see the problems that people have had with it.

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