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BT home hub 2 and Sky Booster/Sky Q issues

I have a BT Home Hub 2 with fibre optic broadband.

I recently got a "mancave/office" out the backdoor to ease me working from home.
A sky engineer who is a friend of a friend came on his day off to install the broadband to work from the mancave (he wired up a line to the mancave with ethernet output socket to plug into a Sky booster so that SkyQ could work there and also my laptop and other devices).
Problems began when SkyQ Mini Boxes began to drop out on Saturday night so I looked online and decided to switch off "smart" and to switch off my 5GHZ.
I done this and straight away my Sky Booster stopped showing up to connect devices to outside, so I switched back on.
Nothing is connecting to the Sky Booster apart from Sky Q (seems okay so far) any other device it won't show up in the Wifi list to connect to. I'm constantly messing around with BT HH2 settings but can't do anything to bring it back. I really am not that experienced to be doing this, should I contact BT to send out engineer or is there something I can do myself? Hope I've explained myself okay - really frustrating - just want everything to work!

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Re: BT home hub 2 and Sky Booster/Sky Q issues

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