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BT home hub absolutely awful

Had to post on here just to vent my frustrations on just how awful by Internet actually is !! I live a whole 3 miles from my local exchange and for the past 4 years bt have been telling me that I am on the roll out map to be able to recieve bt infinity. Every 3 months I get the same response. Well enough is enough we are unable to use our smart TV as connection is so poor ( less than 2mb) sons PlayStation constantly loses connection, our smart phones need to be connected to 4G with wifi turned off when at home as it's just toooo slow and that's if it connects at all. 3 lights on home hub but no connection at the moment but nothing new there my family lives in the middle of the countryside and they have higher internet speeds than I do and we are based slap bang in the middle of Liverpool and Manchester. I have now been informed that BT have been told to pull their socks up and they have till the end of the year to do so. Too little too late I am afraid time to switch to another internet provider which may I add is half the price of what I am paying now !!!! Lousy customer service lousy internet and I don't apologise for saying " BT but your total **bleep** and I wouldn't advise my worst
Enemy to switch to BT "
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Re: BT home hub absolutely awful

changing providers will not help you as they all use the same Openreach network and engineers unless you can get cable that applies to standard copper broadband or Fibre (Infinity )it is nothing to do with BT the network belongs to Openreach on behalf of all service providers
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