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Re: BT honest with customers?

Alex, I'm a new customer (was with BT for years for phone, but never broadband) and just had a new phone line and BT Infinity installed this morning (still got a phone line with Sky with Sky Unlimited via LLU). 


At the moment I'm watching the ROI vs Wales Carling Nations Cup match via SkyPlayer (quality set to Auto -2.9) on one of my laptops (via wifi) and it's been flawless from the start.  With my Sky connection I would normally expect the odd stutter as I have 4 daughters who use the likes of Youtube a lot on their laptops/netbooks.


BBC i-player works flawlessly also as I watched Being Human episodes 1 - 3 earlier on. 


IMAP also works perfectly for me.  I use MS Office 2010 Pro Plus and have Google Mail setup as IMAP, as well as other accounts and all are working perfectly.

Kind regards... Tom

BT Infinity2:
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Re: BT honest with customers?


@AlexUk1975 wrote:

John i ask a customers  not people like you who work in BT . 


I never seen any of your answers on side of customers,  always on side of BT also you here all day ...


then where you work ?


hopefully I not anymore in this rubbish of BT  but same you,  gentle ex customer, help anothers people with same problem.

the only difference I not LIAR like you and BT Staff


and say again , IMAP problems in outllok when BT thorttle the lines...  every day




Oh my.PNG

(thats a facepalm btw, I'm not upsetSmiley Wink)


I really try to keep myself to myself, but John has written on here several times now, that he doesn't work for BT. I've no idea why you think he does - he's a customer trying to help other customers


Anyway, you may wish to make contact with the mods to ask for your details to be removed from these BT residential forums as I've noticed that you've jumped ship back to Sky.....


Good luck, I wish you wellSmiley Happy





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Re: BT honest with customers?

Hi, maybe you have another configuration then, if you and technical support can explain to me, why my IMAP server non working with BT line in peak off times, and now back to SKY work all fine, please appreciate that.
unfortunately nobody find right answer, is for that reason, they finish my contract without problem, they know, when throttle the lines some services stopping working
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Re: BT honest with customers?

yes, fortunately I SKY customer, normally in the forums is good read both experience, people fanatic of BT always talk good about the company and another like me.. explain the problems appear to new customers, without liars.
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Re: BT honest with customers?



I wish I could give you the configuration, but I can't


Although it probably won't matter now, there are many threads on these BT forums regarding IMAP.


You can if you so wish, read a few, maybe ones with the green tick...


It's doubtful that anyone is a liar.

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Re: BT honest with customers?

on day our fibre optic line will run right into the back of our PCs and cut out the bt copper wire that everybody's ISP uses to connect into our houses/buildings. 


fibre optic from beginning to end.Smiley Very Happy


ronin22Smiley Happy



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Re: BT honest with customers?

Alex, I'm a Sky LLU, phone and sat customer as well as a BT phone & Infinity customer. 


All ISP forums usually attract people who are having problems with their line/connection more than customers who are having no problems with their line/connection.  Fortunately there are those forum members who have time on their hands and offer to help other members as best as possible and using their personal/work experience in the process.


If you check the likes of the SkyUser forums or the Sky forum of thinkbroadband you will find those pretty much the same at these forums Alex - those with problems, those without and those just there to rant and rave - customers and ex-customers alike.  You will always find members trying to help other members - often taking a bit of a verbal bashing at the same time from disgruntled members.  Every ISP forum is the same & in my own personal experience over a good number of years using a good deal of ISPs there will be those who have problems and those who don't.

Kind regards... Tom

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Re: BT honest with customers?

I think nobody read all my post very well...

I NOT complaint about SPEEDS.... fortunately my line is near a  central of BT , any ISP can I contract always get good speed, BT,  SKY,  Talk Talk,  etc... my problem is not the speed.


The problem is the service who provide or offer BT . where they no explain about thortlle lines in peak off time, just advice about P2P customers,  but unfortunately affect another services,  like Hotfle. and if your e-mail provider use same port or config.  affect as well your e-mail.


my IMAP e-mail are based on DENMARK.  really dont know what port or config they use, but everyday when BT throttle the lines my outlook get frezze. 


That not happen with my another ISP who never thorttle lines,  by the way,  after 12 days,  calling  the technical support of BT and no get solution,  because they told me WE CANNOT HELP YOU, WE DONT SUPPORT IMAP .   after that,  get finish my contract and move back to SKY.


Now with SKY all back to normal,  my e-mail working fine 24/7 no trhotlle lines,  and hotfile working 24/7 in good speed. 


Can you explain why working with another ISP and not with BT ? in peak off tmes ?


Now  why when callled before to BT  the operator told me all time We NOT  thorttle lines .......( is not true,  that has been confirm by their care manager BT thorttle lines in peak off times )


They took me on the phone for hours pass to pass to pass another operator... call everyday,  that was of my big frustrating experience of ISP had in my life.  


for that reason never never again trust in BT because they offer a product or service is not true.


and say again,  I not complain about speed.... just throttle lines.

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Re: BT NOT honest with customers


Well I left BE in November to come to BT for Vision.
In the18 months I was with BE, I didnt have a single problem.
My BB wasen't throttled at all, even at peak times I was getting 19meg solid connection.
I didnt have to phone tech once.
I had 1 problem, where I was over billed, this was put right the same day and I had a free month as compensation.

I will be going back to BE once my contract is up.

----------------------------------------------      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Equally you will find unhappy customers, just a quick look and you will find Be just inside the top 20 for customer satisfaction with just over 650000 customers and Bt at 40 with over 5.5 million customers and some very unhappy BE customers out there. I also have had other broadband providers be that resold or cable and came to Bt to cut the middle man and get away from some very awful cable broadband Tv and telephone supplied by VM. The year I spent with them 2006-2007 was the year I traded in my supposed 20 mb service averaged around 4mb (proper network management) with twelve 12 disconnection every month for 5 days for the whole year. 


I have been with Bt since at various properties and only had one problem with them, although it did take some time to fix and very likely quicker had I used this forum earlier, they recognised there failings and prepared to let me leave my 18 mnth contract with 16mnths to run without penalty.  However I'm still a customer who is not employee or shareholder and have no connection what so ever with Bt, just HAPPY with my constant 5.5 mb ever so solid option 3 package, only once have I gone over my allowance when my freesat hd recorder packed up.

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Re: BT honest with customers?



That does not mean that it does not work on BT it means that BT do not offer technical support for IMAP

here is Bt FUP

B. Network Management
4. What is BT's Traffic Management Policy?
BT continuously monitors network performance and reduces the speed available to very heavy users (typically less than 1 per cent of all customers) during a given month to ensure that the service received by other customers is not impacted through extremely heavy usage by a minority of people.
Customers who are classified as very heavy users will experience significantly reduced speed at peak times (typically 5pm-midnight every day but these times may change depending on the demand on the network) for a period of 30 days, or for as long as very heavy use continues. This applies to customers on all Options.
BT Total Broadband Option 3 and BT Infinity Option 2 allow unlimited downloads and uploads within the monthly rental price, so customers on these products will not be charged for over-use. However, this does not preclude BT from reducing your speed if you are a heavy user in order to protect the experience for the rest of our customers.
We may need to vary the policy from time to time to ensure the best possible experience for all our customers. This site will always be kept up to date with the latest information.

5. What is BT's policy on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications?
P2P refers to certain applications that enable files and program sharing between groups of people logged on to a P2P network. Because they use uploads and downloads and are often left running 24/7, they consume significant bandwidth, even when being used by just a small number of customers.
Because a lot of P2P traffic is not time-critical, e.g., downloading and uploading TV programmes or movies for later viewing, we treat P2P traffic differently from time-critical traffic (such as surfing, streaming or internet telephony) and apply speed restrictions to all P2P traffic. We manage these restrictions daily based on the demands on the network, but downstream restrictions will typically be in place 4pm - midnight on weekdays and 9am - midnight on the weekend. Upstream restrictions may be in place at other times.
You can, of course, still use P2P services, but downloads will take longer during the peak times.
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