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BT hub 5 going green

I have a Hub 5 on the fibre 2 package. 

It's generally performed OK although it now has quite a good number of connected devices. 

Over the past few months it's started going green and everything gets kicked off. 

A restart solves the issue, but it now happening more and more frequently. 

It seems to be the hub as it generally works after a reset, although has sometimes taken 2 attempts. 

It's quite an old hub now, but despite renewing my contract in January, BT haven't offered to upgrade it. 

Is the hub on it's way out or is it just not coping with the number of devices? 


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Re: BT hub 5 going green

Anyone had this? 

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Re: BT hub 5 going green

you can try a factory reset by pressing the recessed button on back and holding for 20/30 secs until lights flash.  then remember to turn of smart setup and split networks if you had that done before

If you still find problems then phone CS 150 and as for replacement as your hub is not working correctly

It is not like it used to be that you  got a new hub on  renewal - that does not happen now

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Re: BT hub 5 going green

I'd already done a full reset recently and it still went green. 

Last time I rang bt with an issue it was a painfully long experience of tests that lost me an afternoon of my life. I can't say I want to repeat the experience. 

So, I've ordered someone's unwanted smart hub off eBay for a small amount to replace the old hub 5.

Hopefully that will resolve the issue. 

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