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BT hub and phone interference

Hi there,

I hope someone can help me (and my Dad)

I'm trying to help my Dad who has recently bought a new laptop and has also has signed up for BT Broadband. New laptop, new broadband, new problems!

He wasn't brought up with computers (he's 79) and although I use IT on a daily basis I too haven't had any formal training and don't know the ins and outs enough to help solve the numerous problems he has had.

He is very hard of hearing and uses hearing aids so contacting a helpline or speaking to BT is pretty impossible. We don't live very near to each other so I can't pop round and 'have a go' at fixing things. We mainly communicate by email and I've been trying to get to the bottom of this 'latest' problem...

This is how he described in his latest email....

  • He's having interference on the phone (it's a regular phone not a cordless one) when the Hub is "on".
  • He thinks it could be because of the alarm system but they warn him that since he came out of their monitoring service a callout could cost him £140. I've since found out his alarm is no longer connected.
  • He had A BT Engineer out and thought he'd cured the problem. 
  • When he's on the computer his phone is affected with "noise" on incoming and outgoing calls. 

and in his words......Right now he doesn't know what to do!

Can anyone suggest something I could try to help solve this problem?

thanks for taking the time to read this!!!

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Re: BT hub and phone interference

Which type of master socket does he have?


How far is the home hub away from the phone?




One of these








Or one of these








Or if you are lucky


One of these


adsl faceplate.jpg






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Re: BT hub and phone interference

Is he using an ADSL filter? If so does he have another one to try?

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Re: BT hub and phone interference

Also, if the alarm is no longer in use, can you make sure that it is not connected to the phone line.

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Re: BT hub and phone interference

There was a similar problem with someone I helped last year:-


When the hub was switched on there was interference on the corded phone and the internet connection dropped out or slowed down.


Is the phone and hub on an extension socket, and is the main phone on another socket??


Someone had installed his system so that there were ultimately two filters in series in the connection to the extension socket telephone, and also the hub connection was filtered. (Openreach apologized and corrected the mistake).


Can you check if this is the case?

It's easily done if the extension socket was installed with a DIY connection kit.

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