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BT hub flashing pink

Hi. All of a sudden my BT Smart Hub (Type A) dropped it’s connection and has since flashed pink. I’ve spoken to the support team who ran diagnostics and confirmed it’s a problem outside my house. They went onto say it’s going to be up to a week before an engineer arrives. 
A week is too long. It’s fair to say many households are now dependent on their broadband connection, not just for entertainment but I work from home too so this is literally costing me money. Contrary to the support team’s advice, available WiFi connections do not yield anything BT related. In fact all I can see listed is my iphone (2 bars of 4G!) and our home printer.

I have just used the phone connected to the same line to dial my mobile and that works. So is it an external cable issue? Could it be the hub?

We have been facing intermittent issues for months now but it’s never been as bad as this. A couple of weeks back an engineer came out and replaced all of the cables.

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Re: BT hub flashing pink


Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

Can you also check that the number that is read out when you initially dial 17070, matches the number on your phone bill, just in case you have a crossed line.

It could be a faulty home hub, have you tried a factory reset of the home hub?

Do you have another home hub you can try?

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Re: BT hub flashing pink

Which exchange?

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Re: BT hub flashing pink

Hi @Keith_Beddoe. Thanks for the tip. I dialled that number just now. I can confirm the number read out is our number but the quiet test did include noise. It was persistent and reminiscent of old analogue TVs when you'd get static on screen instead of a signal caused by microwave background radiation amongst other things. It wasn't particularly loud, I could easily hear the 'quite test' voice repeated over the top of it.

I did come downstairs this morning hoping to see the hub solid blue but no such luck.

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Re: BT hub flashing pink


If you get noise on your phone, then you need to report it as a noisy line. Do not mention any broadband problem, otherwise it will end up in the wrong fault queue, and take much longer to be fixed. There are plenty of people who can fix phone faults, but not as many broadband people.

Once the phone line is fixed, the broadband will get better.

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Re: BT hub flashing pink

Awesome - that's good to know and I will give that a shot. Thanks.

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Re: BT hub flashing pink

Hi - the exchange is Godalming.

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Re: BT hub flashing pink

Must be a line issue as there's no reported cab problem.

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