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BT hub phone 1010 one way transmission on calls

hi, i've just discovered that when i use my hubphone to make a call out, or receive a call in, that i cannot hear anything, although the person on the other end can hear me.

if i press the green call button before dialling i can hear dial tone, if i then press the digit 5 i can hear the dial tone change (don't know what that is all about) so assume that the hub phone is working until i place the call.

i cannot think of any other way to prove whether the speech paths work as this is the only broadband phone that i have. any ideas? i have just plugged a normal phone into the phone socket on the hub and that is one way transmission as well?

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Community Manager
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Re: BT hub phone 1010 one way transmission on calls

Hi DW,

Welcome to the forum.

The dial tone changes when you press "5" to let you know the call will go through your landline number.

Can you try making a call from the Hub Phone through your landline (i.e. by pressing "5" before the number) to see if the problem persists?

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Re: BT hub phone 1010 one way transmission on calls

I switched my computer on yesterday morning and the HUB immediately died and rebooted - the hub phone line has been working OK since even though i rebooted the hub myself previously . i've just spoken to a person from BT and he seems to think the problem might have been on the server

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