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BT hub2 Ethernet connection

I've bought a new laptop.The hub connection is acting strange.I access the internet through the vpn connection.The ethernet connection was showing not connected,i searched the web & someone had said that the v pn could be causing the ethernet problem.So i paused the vpn & sure enough the Ethernet connected right off.But when i connected the vpn the ethernet from the Hub disconnected.

I haven't altered anything,i just installed the vpn.The other odd thing is that i have the same vpn connected to my desktop & the ethernet from the hub  is working fine with the vpn,both connect all the time & again from memory i haven't altered anything in the desktop settings.

I'm not using the laptop wireless,it's switched off,i remove the  ethernet cable from the desktop & connect it to the laptop.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Re: BT hub2 Ethernet connection

I have no idea why there is this current obsession with using VPNs, seems folks are happy for some dodgy VPN company to inspect their data but not their ISP.

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Re: BT hub2 Ethernet connection

Accessing my network via a VPN is how I safely access my cameras or NAS when outside the LAN.

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Re: BT hub2 Ethernet connection


Surely if you're that worried about security when you're outside your LAN - eg outdoors - then that might be the time to use a VPN , not internally. I can't really see any point in that.

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Re: BT hub2 Ethernet connection

There isn’t and I don’t .
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Re: BT hub2 Ethernet connection

From what you say it seems to be the combination of the new laptop with VPN causing the problem.

Are the VPN settings on the new laptop exactly the same as those on the working devices?

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