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BT id

Hi all,

Newbie here but fed up of going round in circles so need to vent at someone!


I've just moved into a property and needed to get my broadband sorted, phoned up got a good deal, hub was posted and got all the emails I needed confirming installation dates etc. Hub arrived plugged it in and phone worked on the date specifiied. I then got a call telling me that there was a problem with the broadband and an engineer needed to come out. I stayed in and waited in vain and the date for completion came and went. I was confused as I had and still have working broadband so couldn't understand the problem. I was being chased for payment so was annoyed especially as according to them I had no broadband! I had tried registering for my BT id so I could see my bills and status but everytime I tried I just get an error message and got cut off when trying to go through the online chat system. So I complained about the whole thing-especially after paying my bill over the telephone and checking how much it would cost me per month to pay by DD to find it would cost me an extra £9 every month to do so!


I finally got a call back from a very nice lady-who couldn't sort the id issue or the broadband problem so said she'd check with the tech guys and would ring me back after the weekend. To be fair she did and said it was because I needed my account number (which originally I didn't have as all my emails had it *'d out) though I did get a random letter with it telling me why not sign up for Broadband! It turns out I don't have broadband as someone cancelled my order and didn't change it over from the previous householders provider. I then received an email telling me my package would then start on the 6th January. I then received another bill-though if my package doesn't start until 6th January what am I actually paying for?!


I've just received an automated telephone call requesting payment or restrictions would be put on my account only a mere 9 days after I received the email (come on guys it's been the holidays). I begrudgingly paid it but still can't register an ID and I've just had enough. I'm just waiting to see what goes wrong come the 6th!


Apologies for the long rant, thanks!

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Re: BT id

Hi jpcrafty,


Welcome and thanks for posting. I'm really sorry you've had problems with the orders and bills. I'm sure I can clear things up for you. If you're not connected by the 6th please drop me an email with your details and I'll look into it for you. You'll get the contact the mods link in my profile.





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