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BT infinity 2, HH5 latency/speed issues

So I've had this problem for months now with no resolution from BT. I currently own a HH5 with the infinity 2 and latency on my Xbox is so bad and when downloading big files, speeds tend to fluctuate. It normally dips in and out between 20-50 but I've seen random spikes to 0 and even in the 100s.

I know this is a very vague description of the issue, but BT weren't very helpful, I've spoken to multiple BT employees over the phone saying that it was a problem on their end, a problem with the exchange box, a problem with my openreach box, wiring to my home, and multiple setting changes and resets to my hub. None of this advice has helped my issue.

I had an engineer round who did improve my speeds by tweaking with the master socket, but the issue still remains. Can anyone help me?
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Re: BT infinity 2, HH5 latency/speed issues

As you say, a vague description which doesn't help, so let's start whith the basics.


How's your Xbox connected, wired, wireless or via powerline adapters?


Are you sure all drivers are up to date?


Any noise on your line, 17070 option 2 preferably with a corded phone?


Run a speed test HERE and when the first test completes click on further diagnostics and post the result of that test.


Post your connection stats from the HH5 found at Troubleshooting/Helpdesk.

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