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BT infinity 2 speed well off from what was promised

Hi everyone


I'm sure that many people have spoken about this issue but mine is ridiculous.


My BT infinity 2 was installed on Tuesday and it is really slow.


I was promised 62.3 mbps download and 20.0 mbps upload. Now I know speeds vary but what I am getting is well off.  It is so bad, it’s beyond a joke. It does state on the website that speeds should only vary by 1-2 mbps from the estimate.



Now check out my speeds below.

1. Best Effort Test:  -provides background information.

 Download speedachieved during the test was - 5.23 Mbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 12 Mbps-0 Mbps.
 IP Profile for your line is - 77.43 Mbps

2. Upstream Test:  -provides background information.

Upload speed achieved during the test was - 11.86Mbps
 Additional Information:
 Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 20 Mbps


I have done multiple speed tests throughout the day and the highest I managed to get is 22 mbps which is still bad. It seems like my upload is a lot of the time double my download.

I feel like I have mis-sold their broadband. I was previously on O2 and paying £4 a month (due to my loyalty) and getting an average of 7mb. Now I’m paying five times the amount for less speed. The only thing that is better is the upload. My phone has always been with BT so I assumed it would better to transfer to BT infinity.

Not only that, I have a three floor house and when I enquired about the wireless range of Home Hub 3 to BT, they told me this router had around a 100 foot range. The funny thing is, I can’t get connection on the third floor and it’s only about 40 feet up at the most. Talk about, being told utter rubbish.

Can anyone shed any light on this? What I can do, if there is anything I can do? And do I have a right to cancel?


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Re: BT infinity 2 speed well off from what was promised

As you mention wireless, are you connecting wireless?


Who ever told you would get single up to 100ft should be fired. It probably does support 100ft but without any walls or interfance on the way, there is no way someone could tell you whether wireless will work somewhere as they have no idea how your home is builit.

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Re: BT infinity 2 speed well off from what was promised

Are those speed tests run wired or wireless?  Even if it doesn't make sense for you in the long term, you will get a much better idea of where issues are if you can run some wired tests.


Distances for wireless are very difficult to be precise about.  The number of walls and floors in between tends to be much more important than just the distance.  Some walls, for example if using foil lined plasterboard, are really bad for wireless. Also, try to make sure the router and device aren't placed near radiators or pipework.  Unfortunately, though BT emphasize that the HomeHub is the best wireless router they have every issued, they don't point out that it still isn't all that good.


To get the best out of wireless, install inSSIDer (free) on your machine and check out the information it gives. You may find that moving the router or the device a small amount makes a big difference to reception.  Also, inSSIDer will help choose the best wireless channel.


If it is not feasible to run wires, you may find it worth investing in Powerline adaptors.


You won't have the right to cancel for wireless problems.  If the broadband line really won't reach 12Mbps download you probably do have the right to cancel.

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Re: BT infinity 2 speed well off from what was promised

Your profile is really good. So the problem would appear to be in the router.


if you are connecting wirelessly then follow what  sjtp has written and def check what channel works best.

as a comparison I am completely wireless on a 50 profile and get 45 upstairs - diagonally through a semi detached


dont put your router near big metal stuff- rads and fridges are a no no


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Re: BT infinity 2 speed well off from what was promised

get yourself an ethernet cable and I think will be a different story.


you have a 77.43 profile meaning you got lucky and your line is the max 80meg sync.


The issue looks clearly to be with wireless.

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Re: BT infinity 2 speed well off from what was promised

I too was told that my speed should be around 62 down and 20up, after the engineer departed I ran a check and my down was
2.09 and the up .095 after much checking around And changeing
the red infinity cable which I found had been squashed by the makers cable twists, once changed bingo up to 73, happy now hope you can use this
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Re: BT infinity 2 speed well off from what was promised

im having the same trouble only getting 23 and was set to get 50 plus not happy but loads better than i was getting b4 swopping was getting in the high 50s when first fitted now dropped well down would changing channels help or is that only help for wifi new to all this so any help is good help would call them but you still have no change so dont see the point

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Re: BT infinity 2 speed well off from what was promised

Changing channels would only apply to WiFi.

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Re: BT infinity 2 speed well off from what was promised

Thanks for the advice.

The thing is, the results I got were taken right next to the router. I have put an Ethernet cable directly into the wireless hub and still, similar results.

Im thinking it might have something to do with the phone cable coming into the house. The cable has been there since we first moved in over 25 years ago. It has never had any work done. It also has a connector on it so it might be losing data through this point. It's just a theory though.

Surely though, the engineer would have checked it.

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Re: BT infinity 2 speed well off from what was promised

there is nothing wrong with your external wiring or else you would not be getting the IP Profile that you are getting when you did the wired speed test did you ensure all wireless devices were turned off before carrying out the speed tests