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BT infinity 2 upload speed issue

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I'm hoping someone can help me with my query/issue below.

I have just had infinity 2 installed and think there may be an issue with my upload speed. Before ordering I checked on the BT site to see what speeds to expect, and it stated 54meg down and 18 up. Now I have no issue with the download, but the upload never rises above about 9 meg and I'm thinking it may be restricted to a 10 meg profile.

I have contact BT tech support but the techies in India just seem to be spouting different messages. The first stated it takes 72 hours for it to rise, the other said that is all your line can achieve. To which I replied, why then did the BT checker suggest 18meg and got no response apart from that is all your line can achieve.

Now they may be correct, but I just want to be sure, as the only reason for signing up to infinity 2 was for the upload speed.

Can anyone help me, to confirm if what customer services are saying is correct or tell me how I can get this looked at by someone who knows what to look for?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: BT infinity 2 upload speed issue

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Hi nealesh I'm kind of in the same boat as you had infinity installed Monday bt estimate 53.3 down and 15.7 up got connected got 70 down and 18 up until Tuesday and download went to 60 and upload has gone to around 9 and not moving I know I'm on 10 day training so will have to wait until next Thursday before contacting the mods if things don't get better as its much lower than expected?
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Re: BT infinity 2 upload speed issue

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You may be getting better upload than you think.   


Upload speed is curiously variable according to details of line condition, software in use and target site.  I have seen huge variations in upload test speeds, even though I have had almost completely consistent 16 or 17Mbps uploads using FileZilla to the SquirrelSave backup site.  The worst test was the now defunct BT retail test that often gave 2 or 3 Mbps upload results against a reality of 17; but many others seem to suffer the same way to a smaller extent.  Even the usually fairly reliable gave me a test below 7Mbps yesterday when BT Cloud managed 16 a few seconds later.


Below some speeds I measured with different sites soon after joining Infinity; details now out of date but ....


Try testing with BT Cloud.  Make sure you use a directory of fairly large files (eg recent photos at a few meg each, or even a big video).  You have a free subscription to that, and it now seems reasonably quick (after a very poor start).  Be wary of using it as a backup service for now though: see various posts on



backup speeds (August 2012):


CrashPlan: 600

IDrive: 2700, rock solid

ZipCloud: 1000

DropBox: 3200, but very irregular

GoogleDrive: 2400, slightly irregular

SquirrelSave: 7500 (after minor hiccup which was my fault), up to 8200. 17000 with WinSCP


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Re: BT infinity 2 upload speed issue

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I've tested using half a dozen speed test site and also doing uploads to known servers with high bandwidth, but issue was still that it didn't go above the 10meg. However have slved it now, looks like the hh3 needed a reboot, after which all the tests are now coming back between 16-18meg.


Looks like there may be an issue witht he hh3, as Jaseb41 had the same issue, and resolved it via a rreboot.

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Re: BT infinity 2 upload speed issue

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BT Wholesale speedtest asks you to confirm you have rebooted the router but it doesn't make it clear you should not reboot the modem.

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