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BT infinity and BT basic

Hello Guys


I would like to know is it possible to get BT infity without taking out their line rental?? Currently my home landine is with BT but on the 'BT Basic' service. If you dont know what BT Basic is its a ''low cost line rental (£15.30 every three months) that comes with a quarterly call allowance. You also get free weekend calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers (up to 60 minutes).''


I want BT infinity but my dad doesnt want me to switch the line rental service that we currently have and tbh I dont really want to pay £17.99 every month anyways for something we rarely use. So i was wondering since its with BT already is it possible to just pay for BT infinty and not the line rental??


My only other option really is to get Plusnet which I heard isnt very good Smiley IndifferentSmiley Sad


Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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Re: BT infinity and BT basic

BT basic is a set cheap package with adsl broadband - no infinity option

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