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BT infinity installation


   Ok Im gettting confused how this BT Infinity is going to be installed and mostly wether i will be stung for an extra installation cost because of where main phone socket it and plug sockets. Ok the situation is this phone and broadband is on AOl  but is being switched back to BT on April 4th   keeping same  phone number........ no need for phone engineer to call out   so Broadband engineer will call out on April  4th. Main phone socket is in hallway with no main plug socket in the vicinity  so the modem cant be plugged in there as its not an option to have an extension  cable going to the nearest plug socket. At the moment there is an external phone extension from the back of the master socket round the outside of the house through the wall to the extension socket to where the wired connection now connects to as adsl wireless router. There is no option to be tacking 30m of extension data kit internally as this just isnt possible. So it either swap the extension and master sockets over so the master is now where the extension one is and vice versa. Move the main socket back to where a phone socket is available and run all the Pcs wirelessly. When i phone BT to ask how this will work they say we dont know until the Broadband engineer calls,  but then he cant move any Phone sockets  so Im then left with my AOL disconnected and no internet at all. Wouldnt it make more sense for the Phone engineer to call round and say ok that will be £200 or whatever to move your phone sockets  to the right place  rather than having no idea what will happen and what cost will be incurred.  Just incase its going to  cost me this extra  which then makes the BT Infinity a non affordable option i have noted the phone numbers of broadnabd providers so i can at least get connected back again as i wont have any internet when BT take over the line but cant install the Infinity

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Re: BT infinity installation

Well as you clearly state that your current master socket is not near a power socket and that you don't wish to run a power extension and that you don't wish to have the Data Extension kit clipped to your skirting etc.


I know T&C state that they will not run the data extension external to the house so I'm not too sure what your options will be if I'm honest. I still think you are best waiting for the Openreach engineer to visit and survey. I know the T&C state that all installations are subject to survey so unless others can provide advise best to take a wait and see approach.

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Re: BT infinity installation

Hi they can change over the sockets and and make the extension the master they do it daily nothing to worry about and there is no charge just tell the engineer when he arrives where you want the modem and hub installing and he will change the socket accordingly they have done this at a number of people i know that have infinity across the UK
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Re: BT infinity installation

The engineer did this with me, changed the extension in my lounge to the master.

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Re: BT infinity installation

Hi  John

           Will the broadband engineer swap the sockets over or will the job have to be passed to the Phone  engineer. If the sockets where in the correct place now they could just give me the Configuration settings and i wold install it myself  save the broadband engioneer a visit.

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Re: BT infinity installation

My master socket is in the hallway downstairs and no power sockets near it and my pc is upstairs
so can i put both modem and router upstairs using power sockets in the bedroom
i am still confused with this data extension cable is it just for the router from master socket to pc or for the modem from master socket to pc


 i will be happy to use the data extension cable if so


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