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BT infinity, release tends towards infinity?

I'm wondering when BT infinity is actually coming to the isle of dogs. Can anyone answer that?

I'm tired of getting poor broadband speeds in the evenings when i'm actually home, see :


And i've called the "infinity" dept at BT and was told they would actually be updated months in advance if a line was to have fibre capability, and there was no information on my line.


I honestly can't imagine BT would leave an area that constantly has new housing estates and new apartments going up with an exchange that is barely able to cope neglected for so long.




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Re: BT infinity, release tends towards infinity?

After looking at the posts related to this I can only recommend BUZ LIGHTYEAR sorry

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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Re: BT infinity, release tends towards infinity?

So three months later and no response from BT, and also clearly no activity with regard to roll-out of this product to the Isle of Dogs. They obviously do not care about the thousands of residents in this area who are forced to pay just as much as anyone else in the country for a level of service which is pathetic.


Could somebody from BT please have the guts to respond, and tell the thousands of people who can barely surf normal websites, never mind use services like BBC iPlayer or LoveFilm, why they live in central london, within a mile of some of the biggest data consumers in the country, and yet get broadband speeds which would be embarassing in the depths of the countryside.


Some information about why there seems to be a hold up (even though the Poplar exchange is supposedly enabled) and when we can realistically expect the situation to be remedied would certainly be appreciated.

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Re: BT infinity, release tends towards infinity?

In July 2010 the BT infinity checker said that BT Infinity will come on Sept 30, then the date shifted to December 31 , then to 31 March 2011, then to 30 June, then to 31 September and now it has shifted to 31 December.


I have not moved to another service provider because of the reliance placed on BT's promises. Had i moved to Sky last year I not only would have got better speeds than what BT gives, but alos would have fulfilled the contract period. BT surely is intentionally misleading customers like us. They have no ability to perform any promise made (6 times) but do not want to loose customers.


I am very seriously considering complaining about this unfair and restrictive trade practice followed by BT and complain to OFCOM or Office of Fair Trading. Would request any suggestion from fellow cusotmers that have been similarly dealt in isle of dogs area.

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Re: BT infinity, release tends towards infinity?

I agree, it's ridiculous, I have been also watching the date tend toward infinity! It does seem very much like false representation.
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Re: BT infinity, release tends towards infinity?

Have you read the stickies?  There are loads of threads, about different areas and the stages or going live.  Open reach just get held up due to typical slipages like any engineering project.  There is another website apparently which shows if your cabinets are live or not even if your exchange is.  The exchange being live means **bleep** all tbh.  It is fiber to the cabinet after all, not exchange.


You are NOT special in the Isle of Dog.

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