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BT infinity wont connect to internet , keeps flashing orange

I used to have talk talk as my internet provider, but 3 weeks ago we baaically lost internet connection completely and wouls get it back here and there for like 1-30min intervals at random times. In the end we changed to BT and at first it connected to the internet and worked like a charm so we thought the hastle was over. Now its been flashing orange constantly for about a day now then purple for a few seconds then back to orange. I have tried to restart the router using my phone using the trouble shooter but to no avail. Is there any way to stop this from happening and to get it connected again. Does anyone know what is causing this problem in the first place?

Thank You
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT infinity wont connect to internet , keeps flashing orange

If you had connection problems with Talk Talk you will still have the same problem with BT. They both use the same line so if it is a fault with the line it will still be there.


I would suggest that you contact BT and report the problem to them. Don't be fobbed off with having to wait ten days or anything like that. You are a new customer and they should send out an engineer to check your line.

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