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BT is a joke

I love the way that BT email me to tell me I have used 28gb of my 40gb usage and that I am coming close to my monthly allowance. Yet they cannot give me my MAC number straight away.


After calling customer service and being put on hold god knows how many times and then asked various questions on what provider I am going to and how their service will be the same because they use the same line. And then their ace card, if I stayed they would do my same package for £13.50 a month. Well BT if you can do that to make me stay then why are you ripping your customers off by not offering it.


I would say its been a blast being part of BT but I would be lying through my back side. The sooner I am away from this blood sucking money grabbing organisation who's do not care about their service or their customers once they have you tied to an 18 month contract.

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Re: BT is a joke

Good old BT quick enough taking your money and sending you email's about your broadband usage. But still waiting for my MAC number so I can leave this absolute dire company. 19th of December I asked for it. BT your customer service scores a bit fat ZERO. What a mistake it was thinking it would be better second time around after i left the first time. A lesson learned. Total useless company who are only interested in taking your money.

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