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BT is one of the most single worst providers I have ever dealt with.

I acknowledge that I am far from an exchange in a semi-rural area and although I accept a lower speed than average, my connection continually drops out (multiple times a day).  In fact I probably only have internet available to me for about 50% of the day (according to logs from my router).


I have reported numerous faults, had an engineer out twice all to no avail.


The last engineer was supposed to do a full check over and instead just rocked up and tested the line.  Upon his recommendation, I use only the master socket and yet my service is unacceptable. 


Having arranged for the last engineer from Level 3 support to resolve this ongoing issue, he had no idea that he was sent for such a job and rushed out the door after me having a semi-heated exchange about how poor BT service and support actually is. 


I am paying for a service I do not use, and on top of this, BT have tried to charge me 129.99 for the last visit which I am appalled at given the engineer didn't come to do this work.  Furthermore, this bill then subsequently bounced and has caused me bank charges. 


I am now waiting for a call back (given the call wait times were absurd) and am going to cancel this service which is absolutely lack lustre as best.  I do not recommend BT to anyone, both their service, support and billing are all ineffective in managing an intermitted / ongoing issue.


I cannot believe I am spending my Saturday trying to resolve this issue - customers beware.  My experience of BT has been appalling and I will be pursuing this further should it not be resolved (and the service cancelled) accordingly.


From a very dissatisfied and unhappy customer.


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Re: BT is one of the most single worst providers I have ever dealt with.

@mattdbrand I'm really sorry about the problems with your BT service if you need any help with this please use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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