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BT keep cancelling my order

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Moved house before Christmas and wanted to transfer my broadband and phone service with Talk talk. Was due to connect 29th Dec but Openreach didn't show and I was give an appt for Jan 5th. A BT engineer then arrives on 3rd Jan to make the line active and said my appointment for the 5th should stand as it would be a 5 minute job for the other engineer to connect the broadband. Nobody arrived. Contacted talk talk several times and 16th Jan they told me they couldn't supply a service so cancelled my account. I can't see why they couldn't provide it as its a normal house which already has a BT socket. I then signed up with BT. So far my order has been thrown out twice even though I received a hub last week and I can see it's all been cancelled again. I was due to have an engineer call Feb 22nd.


However, the socket is in the hall and my display on the phone has been saying check line, understandable as there was no dial tone.


Yesterday the display message disappeared and picking up the phone there was a dial tone.I rang my mobile and a number came up, so I rung a friend. It seems I can make calls but not receive them. I tried the broadband hub and there was no connection so am utterly at a loss to know what's going on.

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Re: BT keep cancelling my order

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Welcome to this user forum.


A working BT Retail line is needed before a broadband task can be issued. Now that your phone line has been activated, the broadband task will be issued. once all of the phone tasks have been closed, which should be done within 48 hours.


Provided broadband is available, you should see some progress soon, you will get a message when the service is active.


In order to find out what services and speed range you could be getting, please enter your phone number into this form.
Broadband availability checker

Please remember to edit out your phone number before you post the results.

If it does not recognise your number, try again in a couple of days when the Openreach database should have updated.


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Re: BT keep cancelling my order

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Thanks, at the moment the broadband checker doesn't bring up the number most likely as it is new.


I tried dialling the number this morning from my mobile and as it rung out I  know I can now receive calls so am happy with that.


I'll wait to hear about the broadband.

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Re: BT keep cancelling my order

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Please post back here with any update, so that extra assistance can be offered if needed.

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