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BT landline and infinity connection problems

I am moving next week and on 12/11 rang Bt to place an order, helpful lady checked it all out and confirmed that landline would be day I moved but infiinty may be a day or so later but said I'd get a better deal if I ordered on line.


Placed my order on 13/11 all went through fine. Heard nothing so on 15/11 checked my order online to see that installation set for 11/1/13. spent an hour and a half onto so many departments i lost count to be told that they are the only ones providing service I require in my area so they couldn't do anything. As I will be living close to my office asked if it could be noted that I would acceot a cancellation - no all cancellations go back into system and next new order will get the earlier date.


16/11 get text from BT (still had no order confirmation) saying my appointment has been changed to (blank) went on line again to check order. Infinity installation showing for 22/11 and landline for 11/1/13. Rang Bt -another 50 minutes eventually they agreed that this couldn't be right but 'Rishi' promised to ring me back by 4 with a proper answer. No call but another text arrives saying appointment now delayed to 11/1/13. Go online to check and first it says order has been cancelled and since then says technical problem no order to display.


I rang Sky who can fit phone line and broadband on 6/12 - I know this won't be infinity but they told me they use BT engineers. Am very tempted to go with sky unless anything can be sorted - almost 2 months without a phone line is not good when you are living on your own and mobile reception isn't always good.


any advice will be appreciated as I don't have tiem for another hour or more onto BT who just pass from pillar to post.


Thank you






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Re: BT landline and infinity connection problems

Hi Debbie,
Having the same problem with BT - theres a thread earlier on in this discussion board about this. No one in BT Residential seems to be able to help. Openreach was hived off of BT to prevent one retailer getting preference over another. Doesn't look like it in this case, or mine, when Virgin Media could start service in 14 days! Keep up the pressure!
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Re: BT landline and infinity connection problems

andyroo13 Virgin media do not use the Openreach network hence the reason they have a different lead time for installs
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