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BT landline installation


A BT engineer is coming tomorrow to install or activate a BT line.

My house (1960s build, if that's helpful) did have a BT line before we moved in, in 2012 but my ex insisted upon having Virgin installed so never bothered about the BT stuff. Now I'm sacking off virgin and going back to ADSL broadband and using a BT landline.

The cable runs from the pole and enters my house on the side, terminating in my hall cupboard with this little beauty (See pic).

(Can't find a way to upload, maybe this link will work

Is this going to be a pain in the backside tomorrow for the engineer?
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Re: BT landline installation

that is just a junction box when the cable from outside is connected to the internal cable which then runs to master socket

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Re: BT landline installation

Thanks for your reply 🙂

I cannot find any master socket - I know what they look like, as my mum's house has one - anywhere in the property and suspect my ex has ripped it out, he had a thing about "old tech".

Hope it isn't going to cause problems tomorrow. Will BT charge me because the master socket isn't there?
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Re: BT landline installation

As a Residential Customer BT pay Openreach for a Standard Installation, which gives the Engineer an hour to install the line from the moment he gets dial tone to your house.

Usually BT Authorise 6+ hours beyond this so if say it took him 3 hours to complete the Installation then the first hour is free so to speak but then Openreach will charge BT extra for the other 2. I couldn’t say if BT would pass this onto you though?
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