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BT line fault: over promise & under deliver

Having been a BT customer for some time I now need to reconsider my loyalty. A recent loss of line, followed by a BT customer services promise which was then patronisingly recinded, has left me feeling that after cutting through all the waffle and rhetoric, we are literally what they provide us with - a number!!


BT's method of texting you regarding an engineer callout with the statement "if the problem isnt with BT equipment, there will be a charge of £129.99" is a little disturbing, especially when all your checks say the problem isnt at their end!!!


Subsequent conversations I had following the checks and the text also stated no fault at BT's end but assured me that if I used a much cheaper, local engineer and the fault was proven by them to be with BT and not me, my costs would be reimbursed. This was a lie!



2 months on and I am still out of pocket and BT are still saying no! Posting this as a 'buyer beware' notice. Seems that their word is worthless and being somewhat 'old-school' about integrity, that most definitely doesnt work for me!! 


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Re: BT line fault: over promise & under deliver

Totally agree with the disgraceful customer service provided by BT. Have a very similar problem and have been threatened with a £130 bill from BT despite being a loyal customer. Then when I asked to cancel was told I would be charged £30. Seems that they are happy to take your money but are not interested in dealing with a problem or providing customer service. Customers beware.
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Re: BT line fault: over promise & under deliver

@Smitty22    Welcome to the forum. The charge applies if the fault is on the customer's side of the master socket. There's not enough info in your post to give an opinion but if you care to give some more details other forum members might have some helpful advice.


@AmyT    Seems to me that going off at the deep end probably cost your money and inconvenience. The warning about the engineer charge is standard practice for the avoidance of doubt, not an indication that there will be a charge. (For what it's worth I've had 2 losses of service in the last year, 2 charge warnings, 0 actual charges.) You would also have been able to avoid the £30 cease charge if you'd taken a deep breath before cancelling your services. While you're waiting for Sky, have a read through their customer forums; you might just think, "Oops!"

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Re: BT line fault: over promise & under deliver

@ Amy T you have had a reply to your own post by a forum mod the only BT employees here explaining the charges
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