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BT made me get bank charges

I recently switched broadband provider from sky to BT, I have had to at £115 out of my own pocket to sky for early cancellation, when speaking to the sales person I was advised that I would get that money back from bt.
It turns out that they actually credit your account (not what I was sold or told) but I thought it’s ok it’s a few months of not paying the bill.
I decided to chat to an advisor regarding my first Bill and was told not to worry that my direct debit will not be taken and that they will subtract it from the credit on my account. Putting my mind at rest.
This morning I received a message from the bank saying I was in my overdraft which my bills come out of. Knowing no bills should be taken out, i saw that BT had in fact taken the direct debit out and that I was also going to incur a £30 charge from the bank for going into my overdraft plus a daily fee.
When speaking to an advisor this morning she advised me I was not entitled to speak to her manager but agreed it was BTs fault so would pay the credit on my account into my bank within 5 days.
If it takes 5 days to enter my account that’s 5 days plus £30 of charges on my bank account due to an error from BT. They said they can’t do anything about the bank charges (which may affect my credit rating) and at this moment in time I am down £145 in counting because of Bt and their negligence and inaccurate information!
I’m apparently getting a call from management within 24hours but I won’t hold my breath!

Very upset and out of pocket!

Thanks BT
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Re: BT made me get bank charges

Don't rely on a refund direct from BT. Under the Direct Debit Guarantee you're entitled to have your bank refund the disputed payment immediately, giving them the hassle of recovering the dosh from BT.

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