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BT mini hub activation frustration

When your HALO2 service stops working one gets a mini-hub to restore some connectivity. It seems that storm francis has managed to do some damage which resulted in us loosing the landline as well as the broadband. I've spoken to several advisors and booked an engineer for Friday but it has been impossible to get the mini-hub activated. All I get is a message saying that monthly allowance has been used. I have also reported this but 9 hours later the hub is simply not working. No BT connectivity at all. We are working from home and have lost the entire day hanging phones out the windows to get 1 bar just to be able to report we are offline because there is little more we can do. We work on covid-19 and any day lost is a big loss for us! 

Are the mini-hubs use-only-once devices? Is the HALO2 guarantee connected promise an empty promise? What I'm paying for is a frustrating disappointment. I have been contacted by a moderator but apart from giving my details there has been no progress and I now expect I will have to wait until another mini-hub is sent or simply wait for the engineer. We can't afford to loose time like this. I understand storms and people being busy and helpful (I'm one of them!). But there is something fundamentally wrong if a company the size of BT cannot reactive a little mini-hub.

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Re: BT mini hub activation frustration

Post is most likely in the wrong section but I'll try help as much as I can.

I got sent a 4G BT Mini Hub (USB Device) two weeks ago and it was working fine until last weekends storms when I noticed it was connected but said "No internet"

My initial reaction was have I used the unknown allowance I had on the device or something different.

Lady from BT rang me on Tuesday this week for another reason but I told her the 4G Mini Hub has expired.

She then told me no throttling / bandwidth  limits were present so she couldn't give a reason other than maybe a faulty device.

I was told BT would send another (same device) and was expected today but never arrived.

I have also read since the weekend other users with the same device have had similar issues "no internet" so it maybe damage to the signal from elsewhere who knows.

Hopefully you get to the bottom of this but I would certainly ring BT again and explain what has happened.



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Re: BT mini hub activation frustration



My understanding is that when a fault occurs that leaves you without the broadband service, BT will send you a 4G mini hub to help get you connected until the fault is rectified. This is part of an extra guaranteed promise to stay connected you pay for. BT will disconnect the 4G mini hub and will warn you about this over email, text. You keep this mini hub in case you need it again. The issue seems to be that reactivating the mini hub a second time is not as straight forwards as one imagines. BT did in fact reactivated the device later at night and phoned, emailed and PM me to that effect. There seems to be a technical issue doing this, which explains the delay. A second mini hub was sent, but that will not arrive until later on today. It's frustrating because the guaranteed promise to stay connected does not quite work.

To be clear, my gripe is not against anyone in particular that I've spoken with but rather that for such a large organisation, BT falls short providing the service in their advertised product.


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