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BT mobile broadband dropping signal just as it connects



I've been using BT mobile broadband for about a year and a half and have, for some reason, just started having problems in the last couple of days.


As i try to connect (through the BT connection manager) there's a solid blue light (indicating 3G signal) right up until the 'connecting to network' stage. (I'm using the dongle in areas which I know from previous use have good signal and 3G coverage). At the exact point of connection the solid blue light disappears and is replaced by a flashing one - the connection manager says the connection is made but it's clearly not as no pages will load. As soon as I disconnect the solid blue light returns.


Is anybody else having similar issues? As far as I can tell nothing has changed in terms of service or computer set up. I really don't want to go through the rigmarole of a call to the customer support line so any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: BT mobile broadband dropping signal just as it connects

Have you tried connecting without going through the software?

Under network connections (win7) or connection and settings (winXP) iirc, should show wired and wireless connections setup (connected or not).

Check your exchange or major service outages

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