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BT mobile on T-Mobile network? And ring problems

my phone says BT mobile-t mobile i thought they used EE network
Also and one else noticed there's a good 30 seconds delay on connecting the call. And it rings at least 6 times my end before the receiving phone rings there end
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Re: BT mobile on T-Mobile network? And ring problems

The phone will display whatever the mast is named.
EE was the merge of Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, and not all masts were re-named . As BT Mobile use the masts owned by EE, you can see BT Mobile / T-Mobile / Orange / EE as the name of the mast next to your signal bars - nothing to be concerned about.

As for the delay - when you dial a number , a signal is sent to the nearest mast requesting a call connection, this gets sent to BT to confirm your number is a BT number as provided by the SIM, it then gets checked to confirm you should be able to make that call (you have allowance / you're not barred from making calls etc), then a signal sent to the provider of the number you're calling to ensure the number is correct, checks that number should be receiving calls (again not barred etc), then the connection is made between the 2 providers and the number is actually dialled.

When you think about it as above, a delay is reasonable (granted 30 seconds is a bit much) - is this the case regardless of your location? (Just incase the mast is far away and hence the delay) and also is this the case regardless of who or where the person you're calling is? (Again distance to mast) ?

Does the same happen with a different providers SIM card? (To rule out your handset being slow Vs the network?)
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Re: BT mobile on T-Mobile network? And ring problems


i am new to BT mobile and have got 2 family sims. My phone shows BT and the other obe shows T mobile.

I understand that there should not be any problem with using the mobile, however can not get why 2 phones in one flat show different thing as they are connected to the same mast?

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Re: BT mobile on T-Mobile network? And ring problems

Was the other phone previously with T-Mobile? And your phone another provider?
If so the old phone is still recognising the mast ID that it was previously connected to .
Is this the first time your phone has connected to an EE owned mast? (Same as above really in reverse)

Is the old phone locked to the t mobile network? (BT would still work as same mast is being used and not require unlocking)

If none of these assist - I'm at a loss
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