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BT not Honouring New Plan - Customer Services a disgrace

I was free of contract with a BT plan (Unlimited BT Infinity 1 + Unlimited Weekend Calls-Line

rental inclusive) for £42.54 Monthly paying every 6th of the month.

I called BT on the 6th of June BT and agreed to a new plan (which was pretty much the same hence

no disruption whatsoever was going to happen nor extra fees):
(Unlimited BT Infinity 1 + Unlimited Weekend Calls-Line rental inclusive + BT Sport Pack) for

£30.49 Monthly starting on the 6th of June.  I received an e-mail confirmation of the new deal

with wrong dates and I called immediately BT in order to contact the same person that I dealt

with but I talked instead to a lady who said everything has been put in order and effectively

the new plan starts on the 6th of June as agreed.

So as I already paid £42.54 for 6th June - 7th July I was told the difference £42.54 - £30.49 =

£12.45 was going to be refunded on my next bill.

To my surprise I received the bill for  7th July - 5th August for £ 50.23 instead of: £ 31.49 -

£12.45 = £ 19.04

I called immediately CS (11th of July) and they  they did a mistake - no one on CS wants
to identify themselves and they all say the phone call is recorded and notes are added to my


After talking to 2 different persons I was transferred to Mr Kumar (Billing -Finances

department) and after a long conversation where he was trying to find excuses to justify the

£50.23 charge he confirmed they did a mistake and we agreed to the following:
1.- I was going to be refunded direct to my Bank Account £ 14.55
2.- I was going to be refunded on my next bill £ 18.74
3.- Mr Kumar was going to send an e-mail/text confirmation of this agreement.

As you may guess the e-mail/text never arrived and I had to contact CS again on the 14th of July

and this time via e-mail in order to explain the situation and make it clear to CS.

On the 15th of July I received a call from CS and they put me through the Billing Department

and the person from the billing department refused to provide his name and he also said there

were no records of my case and there isn't a Mr. Kumar in the office and suddenly he just cut

the communication off.

I didn't hear from BT and on the 19th of July I replied to the e-mail (confirmation case opened

- 160714-******) complaining again and demanding a solution and a compensation.
Until now no news from BT and I would appreciate if one of the moderators could please pick this up

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Re: BT not Honouring New Plan - Customer Services a disgrace

Hi @chasqui,


Welcome to the community forum.


I'm sorry that you haven't had a response regarding your complaint. The best thing to do is to contact the Billing Helpdesk Chat Team and they'll be able to look into this for you.





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Re: BT not Honouring New Plan - Customer Services a disgrace

Hi Paddy,

I followed your advise and I contacted the Billing Helpdesk Chat Team , they were useless.

The person I was chatting to, said that he was going to escalate my case to his Supervisor/Manager and they were going to contact me in 48 Hrs.


I contacted them on the 25th July and until now nobody has contacted me.

I had requested them to contact me via e-mail in order to track the case.


I wonder if you could help, please


Best regards,



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Re: BT not Honouring New Plan - Customer Services a disgrace

Hi @chasqui


Thanks for posting back and sorry you're no further forward with this.


We can pick this up from here and help sort this out but please bear in mind that we are busy at the moment and it's going to take us a few days to get back to you.  We will give you a shout as soon as you reach the top of our email queue.


Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link on the left hand side underneath my profile picture.





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