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BT - openreach SLA?

Hi all,

I am having real issues with BT getting my broadband up and running. I upgraded my broadband to BTinfinity as soon as it became available in my area. I had it installed last week 17th Feb but was left without a working broadband line.

After days of going through the customer service team and getting no where they agreed to send an engineer out on Thursday 20th Feb. I booked time off work and waited. At 1pm i rang up BT to ask where my engineer was and was told after spending over an hour on the phone to them that he was not going to be turning up as they found some serious faults at the exchange due to the weather (the weather had not been bad at all in my area....). I was told they would need 48 hours to fix the fualt before an engineer can be booked. A new appointment was made for Monday 24th Feb.

I took the day off work and the engineer turned up within the time frame and got to work straight away (very knowledgable, kind and helpful - also looked surpirsed when i said there was an issue with the exchange last week and said not to his knowledge!). He spent 4 hours trying to fix the issue including a lift and shift. He was unable to get it working and was finally advised after many phone calls that there was an issue with the cabinet and a LLUMS incident was already out on that cabinet. A GEA cable was missing meaning although broadband appeared to be reaching my house, it wasn't being locked on to. So he left giving me reference details saying openreach will be dealing with it and to ring bt for an update an hour after he left.

I rang BT up just over an hour after he had left and they had the notes on the system. They saw that an incident had been raised but claimed it was raised by my engineer! Not true as he said he could have left after an hour had the incident (already in existence) been picked up on!!! So they were telling me i had to wait another 48 hours for an update. I tried to ask what was happening in this time and why they were saying my engineer was reportedly the one to raise the incident... with no joy.

My question is after a really frustrating week with zero service that I am paying for.... what is the SLA between BT and openreach once an incident is raised? The issue I have means that anyone at my cabinet (serves 800 houses according to my engineer - 3 orders on it at present) will not be able to receive infinity until it is resolved. Now I get that 3 people isnt a lot and they will prioritise elsewhere no doubt.. but BT are accepting orders for my area when at present we CANT get it! How long can i expect till this gets resolved?

Thanks for any advice..


A frustrated customer....

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Re: BT - openreach SLA?

Hi ChrisbLUFC,


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting!


I'm sorry for the problems you're having getting connected to BT Infinity.  I'm happy to take a look at things from here.


To get in touch, click on my username and under the "about me" section you'll see the link to "contact the mods".  Please include the link to this thread when you complete the form and whenever we've received your details we'll take it from there.


All the best,



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Re: BT - openreach SLA?

Seem to be alot of exscuses coming from BT regarding weather Etc, but the engineers working in the areas seem to have different views, i spoke to an engineer working on my cabinet yesterday and he said there are no faults in it but BT say there is ?????????


Wonder how long before the engineers get a gagging order LOL

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