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BT or EE - You haven't activated BT SPort on your account yet?!!!

Hi all


I've come across this issue on other forums but cannot find the "solution" but just that the issue got solved.


I registered last night to bt sports via the ee offer. 


During registration it asked me for mother's maiden name. This was 2 letters which I entered. It let me register.


Then I went through activation and it asked me for mother's maiden name and password. I entered mother's maiden name as I did when registering and I got a red message saying, the answer must be 3 characters or longer.




So I rang BT this morning who took me through the whole registration process - I was already registered!


When trying to log onto the BT sport app, it says "You haven't activated BT Sport on your account yet..." so I got in touch with BT via Live Chat, went through everything then the advisor goes I'll delete your pending activation and start again. So he deleted it. Then after a bit more investigation, he said this is an EE account so you need to speak to them!!!


Spoke to EE, explained everything, they put me through to BT Sport. Went through it again and they sent me back to EE!! 2hrs! Spoke to EE and this time the guy seemed to understand and told me he will speak to BT himself... 20mins of hold he puts me through to BT - (EE guy had enough of BT guy and just put me through to him)... another 10mins of holding and BT guy came back with I'll have to send this to the specialist team to have a look!!!


If BT have deleted a pending activation, it won't activate...?


Surely an activate your account email from BT would sort this as all emails and links I got were all BT related and nothing from EE - except the add-on onto my EE account.


Really struggling with this one and waiting to hear back but does anyone know what is the actual solution and who actually fixed it?



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Re: BT or EE - You haven't activated BT SPort on your account yet?!!!

Ask Kevin Bacon



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