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BT products and who to contact????

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Since 'Openreach' installed FTTP/H  on the estate... and I found out that it was available only by going online checker.. and they gave a list of ISP'S who could provide me with Internet connection.. and phone.  I decided to join BT. Looking at the seemed V good.. but infact turned into a mini Nightmare.  If someone can tell me the way it should work (The best people to speak too it seems are the  FTTP team (thats what i'm hoping for to be delivered v soon).. but also in the same package I ordered  are BTTV..   BT Mobile.. BT Sports..    Do you speak to individuale teams for each order?? or just stick to  the FTTP guys.    Why..  I tried 'chat'.. as advised on the web site...  5 or 6 times.. they  didn't seem to have a clue...(all indian based)  all failed in my  questions... even put me through to wrong departments..

At least now I have the fiber too my house awaiting the final hurdle...   but It would be greatly appreciated if You can give me a definitive answer as WHO is the First contact for what..    30-60mins being swapped from pillar to post... too long.

Get your act together... and BT would be would be more a sound Investment.


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Re: BT products and who to contact????

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Just stick to talking to the FTTP team until it's all installed and running.

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