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BT "customer service"

Customer service with BT very rarely exists. Maybe 1/10 phone calls to them results in you speaking to someone who actually addresses a problem.


My experience: rang BT on April 5th to move my phone line to another address, informing them there were two sockets in the flat and neither had a dial tone. I was told there were two active accounts at the flat and all they had to do was take one over which would take 7 days and would be no connection charge.


Not unsurprisingly the phone line wasn't connected on this date, rang them the following day and was told it would definitely be connected by midnight that evening. My response was that I was doubtful of this and are they sure there isn't a problem preventing connection. Obviously there was no connection by midnight on Thursday.


Rang them again Friday morning to be told it will definitely be connected by 8pm that evening, made it clear at this point how sceptical I was of this as they hadn't even been able to tell me why it wasn't connected (how can you rectify a problem you haven't identified). Again no connection rang again to be told the order had been cancelled and my account had been closed and they could no longer access it. After accusing me of not paying my bill, which is paid by DD and never been one day late. They decided they needed to speak to accounts to see why the account had been closed and I had to ring back tomorrow between 8 am and 8 pm. Asked to make a complaint at this point and asked for the phone number to do this, was given 0800 800151 and I told the guy that sounds like the standard CS number. He denied this but sure enough on ringing it... endless options only to go through to someone who requires the entire situation explaining to them once again.


At this point I was approaching 2 hours phone time to them, trying doing their job for them, being confronted by the same useless, unhelpful explanations none of which turned out to be correct.


Saturday morning I rang back (a phone call which lasted almost an hour) as requested but after having to explain the story yet again and waiting for yet another person to "look into it" I was told the department I needed to speak to was Openreach but they do not operate on Saturdays, despite having been asked to ring back on Saturday. At this point I made a "complaint" (which these guys can all take) about the complete lack of any credible information being provided by any-one of their "customer service" representatives. Was given a complaint number (which I later found out was somewhat pointless)


So.... Monday rang again spoke to another CS rep who after 10 mins identified who she had to call, openreach because apparently their database is wrong and pulling up our address pulls up someone else’s phone lines in the building. She asked me to hold which I did patiently for 15 minutes with no response. Rang back yet again, CS rep again went to speak to openreach.


She had now apparently been able to sort the problem out. After all this hassle and all the time and money (had to use mobile as they had disconnected my landline for it to be moved and I wasn't about to spend hours on end in a phone box - as she later suggested) I had wasted I was then told there would be a £130 connection charge, or £30 with a 18 month contract. They may as well just slap you in the face when they go full circle and say something like this. Having wasted around 4 hours of my time they now want to charge me for the pleasure having never mentioned it before!!!

Not to mention they now tell me they have to get an engineer out which will not be possible untill April 30th.



Nothing was done about the complaint, we will take it up with the relevant departments but you won’t get a response was what I was told. Ludicrous complaints procedure. Not the first time I've had an experience like this with BT, it took 4 engineering appointments before one actually turned up to connect my line at a previous address.


Moral of the story. If you have a choice avoid dealing with them at all cost!

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Re: BT "customer service"

Hello i have had big problems with BT Customer service !! OH sorry what customer service i dont think it exists any longer as i have been on the telephone at least 20 times over the weekend to sort out a engineer charge which was put on my bill and they refuse to move the charge even tho the engineer found the fault to be 2 corroded crimp connectors on the main line out side the property they insist the engineer found no fault when he arrived at the property even tho he was up his ladder out side the property replacing the 2 crimp the way soon as these crimp connectors were replaced the line became crystal clear as the engineer said they had corroded so he changed them.Any way i am still awaiting a customer service person to contact me and preferably one that understands there job as up to now they have all been very rude and dont even listen to what you are saying,i have just moved from talk talk to bt wish i never bothered in fact im looking at moving from BT as they are no longer the helpfull company they used to be.I would also advise any one planning to move to BT tread with caution as they promise you the earth and RIP you to bits i fealt like a proper idiot speaking to so called customer service at BT. This has now been escalated to a higher level so will keep you all informed.

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Re: BT "customer service"

Hi Steve27


I'll be happy to look into the charge for you too, if needs be, and double check the engineer notes on the job.


Could you send me in an email with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread please.

Just send using the contact us form in my profile under the 'about me' section and mark FAO Craig please.



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Re: BT "customer service"

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Re: BT "customer service"

Hi mahler5th,

I have your email so I'll get back to you shortly.


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