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BT "major fault at exchange"-not listed and fix will only be when I transfer to plusnet-coincidence?



I was on infinity2 for eighteen months but the last six months of the contract had been terrible.  Customer services were only interested in the wireless connection or telling me it was the microwave etc.  All major devices were hardwired with quality cables and the main issue was with not getting any of the tv services i was paying for.  Eventually, after asking for my MAC code, I was promised a UK engineer would call and who could authorise the replacement of the youview or homehub3 (yep, fours were being sent out when i joined but not for me),  I waited for the call but it never came despite me following up three times.


Enough was enough and I have moved everything to plusnet, broadband has transferred over but the phone is due to transfer over on Thursday 15th January. Last Thursday I started having problems with the broadband but it came back in the evening. Friday, it started playing up again so phoned plusnet who reported that I had a 'copper joint fault' but as the phone was still with BT it would take longer to narrow it down to a broadband fault or phone fault.  If it was a phone fault they would not be able to do anything until the 15th but suggested I could ask BT to do a test to get it sorted quicker if phone fault, which I duly did.  The automated response suggested that there was no fault...  But then I lost my phone connection completely a couple of hours later!!


I phoned BT again (on my mobile) and eventually talked to a human voice who told me there was major fault at the exchange affecting several customers and they could not repair it until the 15th.  To quote 'his hands were tied and there was nothing he or I could do'.  I would be compensated in my next bill...obviously he wasn't looking at my account! Am I being told something that is perhaps not the truth?  My fault status says the issue was known at 10.36am on 9th January and that it is at the exchange.  Fix date is 5pm on 15th January.  


Am I wrong to think that BT have just mucked up my phoneline  transfer to plusnet and basically it will be 'fixed' by plusnet connecting my account and no other customers have an issue? Surely a problem affecting several customers would be sorted out quicker than 6 days - certainly I cannot see any other current issue with such a long fix time. 


I have been with BT since we bought our first house 25 years ago, the first time I have an issue (with infinity) and they have been less than useless and showed no interest, hence why I moved.  I then have an issue with my phone line (still being supplied by BT at the time of fault) and first they tell me there is no issue and then tell me a couple of hours later that it will take 6 days to fix.  I know plusnet is basically owned by BT but so far they have been far more helpful and more informative than any person I have spoken to at BT.


Area code is 01323 -  BN22 area of Eastbourne.


If anyone can tell me there is genuinely a problem in the Eastbourne area I might have some faith restored with BT.  Totally seperate query, phone line into house is aluminium, I have been told that this cannot take infinity speeds over a prolonged period and it should have been replaced at installation time.  Is that correct?  The original infinity installation was sub contracted so not Openreach.  The engineer wanted to get in and get out and didn't look at the wiring coming into the house.



Sorry for the long post!





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